Warwick Gmbh to be Exclusive Licensee for Sadowsky Guitars Ltd.

Long Island City, NY: December 16, 2019—​We’d like to announce a new licensing and distribution partnership between Sadowsky Guitars and Warwick. While Sadowsky Guitars will continue to run the Sadowsky NYC Custom Shop, where we will make our NYC Custom Shop Instruments, Warwick will build and distribute our Metro and MetroExpress instruments. Warwick will also distribute our strings and accessories. The new, Warwick-made Metro and MetroExpress Models will debut at the 2020 NAMM show at the Warwick/Sadowsky booth.

From Roger: "I am very proud to announce this exclusive licensing agreement with Warwick GmbH of Germany. The agreement will allow me to return to my roots and spend more time at my workbench while allowing more players to have access to my instruments than ever before.”

"I started in this business as a one-man shop, with the luxury of spending all of my time doing what I love most—crafting instruments. As the demand for my instruments increased, my role morphed beyond my workbench. After 40 years of working six days a week running the business, I'm thrilled that this partnership with Warwick will enable me to return my focus to custom-built instruments while introducing our instruments and accessories to more musicians than ever before," Roger said from his New York City shop.

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