Verdine White Center for the Performing Arts

On January 15th, the Verdine White Performing Arts Center donated one of our Verdine White Signature Basses to a student. 

"It was our pleasure to donate a brand new Roger Sadowsky bass to a gifted bass student yesterday. Desewn Fisher! His family along with Pastor Walter Davis and his wife Jeanne Davis were there for the presentation. Also my wife Shelly Clark White. They were overwhelmed with gratitude! This special bass is from the amazing Verdine White Signature Line. We thank the awesome and talented Roger Sadowsky for donating this beautiful bass to the Verdine White Foundation where we go from success to significance! Desewn promised to practice everyday!! Good job!" — Verdine White

"We are very gratified to have the opportunity to give back and support the Verdine White Performing Arts Center! Thank you for the opportunity to make a difference, Verdine White and Shelly Clark!" — Roger Sadowsky

Read more about the Verdine White Performing Arts Center on their Facebook Page.  

About the Verdine White Signature Bass: The Verdine White Signature Bass is a tribute to Verdine's late brother, Maurice White, and a portion of the proceeds from each bass will be donated to the non-profit Verdine White Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles, California. The Center’s purpose is to assist musically talented students living in underserved communities. The Center provides scholarships, music lessons, and instruments. Sadowsky Guitars will donate two basses to the Performing Arts Center.