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The Sadowsky Staff


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Crew page Roger - 1

Founded the company and still loves working in the shop on guitars. Roger is hands on, training and mentoring the staff to ensure that each Sadowsky instrument reaches its full potential.

Roger Sadowsky

Crew page Lisa - 6

Shop Manager, Master Guitar Maker, and Low Note Tone Chaser

Staff Member Since 2005

Lisa Ellis Hahn


Senior Guitar Maker and father of two. Loves dumpsters and all things Metal.

Staff Member Since 2012

Erik Truss

Crew page - 2

Part of our pre-production team. His responsibilities include fingerboard truing, fretwork, and spraying a nice thin matte nitro finish on all our NYC necks.


Staff Member Since 2014

Lukasz Gunia


Pablo's main job is final fretwork and setup for our archtops. He's also a member of our pre-production team and builds solid body guitars. When he's not playing jazz, he's working on jazz boxes. 

Staff Member Since 2016

Pablo Valle

Crew page - 3

Matt started as a part-time sander and progressed to full time in the workshop very quickly. Matt is part of our pre-production team and his responsibilities include fretwork and fingerboard truing. 


Staff Member Since 2016

Matt Sohl


JR is part of our pre-production team and his responsibilities include body sanding, shielding, and wiring. He splits his time with the front of the house where he heads up our social media, website, and marketing.

Staff Member Since 2016

JR Hevron

Crew page - 4

Chris currently builds the bulk of our Satin Basses. In a previous life, he was the head of repairs at Steinway. He's happy to be dealing with less strings. 


Staff Member Since 2018

Chris Arena


Part of the Pre-Production Team and Final Assembly Squad. 


Staff Member Since 2018

Elena Michels


Working in both Pre-Production and Final Assembly, split between two worlds and loving every minute of it.


Team Member since 2018

Jacob Somogye


In charge of sales, and walking you through the process of designing your dream Sadowsky. 

Member since 2018

Carl Luckert

Coming soon:

Will Giam, Shipping manager