#7752 Black Pearl 4-21 Standard.

$4 650.00
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Product Details
MODEL 4-21 Standard J-bass
SERIAL #7752
FINISH Black Pearl
BODY Swamp Ash
WEIGHT 7.32 lbs
NECK Maple with thin matte nitro finish
FINGERBOARD Maple. 12’ radius, 1.5” nut width
PICKUPS Sadowsky Humcancelling, ’60’s Location
PREAMP Sadowsky preamp with vintage tone control
PRICE $4,650.00
Note: the top on this bass body is a flame maple that had some cosmetic imperfections, so we sprayed it a solid color. You can still see some of the flame texture lightly through the finish. For that reason, we are offering a $200 discount on this bass. You cannot see the texture unless you look very closely. All instruments go to Roger Sadowsky for a final inspection and set-up prior to shipping. Please allow of a minimum of 4 business days — we appreciate your patience. All instruments will ship to the verified, seller-protected address on the completed Paypal transaction. If you would like to ship to a different address, please contact our sales manager, Carl, for relevant bank wire transfer information. Please feel free to call the shop at (718) 433-1990 or email with any questions.
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