Sadowsky Shop Reopens

Sadowsky Guitars Reopens

We are happy to announce that Sadowsky Guitars has reopened following our COVID19 closure. We will remain closed to the public until conditions improve further.

Our shop will be much smaller than before… my crew will consist of Ellis Hahn and Lukasz Gunia. Ellis is a 15-year veteran of Sadowsky Guitars… my shop manager and the person I rely on the most to keep my ship afloat… as well as a great craftsperson and guitar maker. Lukasz is one of the finest craftsmen I have ever had in my workshop, and his repair and restoration work on vintage instruments is amazing. JR Hevron will continue to manage the website and our social media.

A new version of our website is launching today. It is a work in progress and we will continue to edit it throughout the week. Please send any comments or suggestions to

Due to the limited staff, we will all be busy in the workshop and will have to limit our time on the telephone and computer. If you call and the phone machine is on, please send an email to, leave your telephone number and the reason why you called. I will get back to you by phone or email as soon as possible.

We will also be closing our online store. The only items for sale on the site will be the instruments we have in stock for immediate sale, our preamp pedals, and replacement potentiometers, knobs, and other service parts. We will no longer be selling Sadowsky strings.

Replacement pickguards for Sadowsky NYC basses, including our Japan made MetroLine and MetroExpress will be handled by our good friend Paul Chandler at Pickguard Planet (

Warwick Distribution will be handling Sadowsky Strings, Preamps and other Sadowsky accessories and they will be available worldwide over the next few months.

Although we have officially ended production of our Japan MetroLine and MetroExpress instruments, we will continue to sell our remaining inventory of basses until they are gone. I want to thank Yoshi Kikuchi, Yoshi Okamura, and especially my friend for 33 years, Kuntaku Sei, for bringing my instruments to Japan in 1987 and making our Japan production such an amazing success over the last 17 years. Okada International will continue to be our exclusive distributor in Japan.

Likewise, our Satin Series Basses are ending as well, and the instruments currently in production will continue to be sold until they are gone.

In the next few months we will be reducing the size of our workshop by 50%. Once we complete rebuilding the new workshop and showroom, we will be known as the Sadowsky NYC Workshop and will continue to make a limited number of Sadowsky NYC Basses and Guitars. We will also continue with our amazing Sadowsky Archtop guitars and we will sell select Sadowsky basses made by our wonderful colleagues at Warwick.

We look forward to this transition. We will always remain available to our customers as we cherish the personal relationships we have developed with you over the last 40 years.

Please continue to stay safe and healthy,

Roger Sadowsky