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Our archive of past and present articles on Sadowsky instruments, Sadowsky artists, and Roger Sadowsky as well as articles written by Roger Sadowsky.

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Instrument Reviews

Frank Vignola Archtop, Jazz Guitar Today, July 2022

Frank Vignola Archtop, Downbeat Magazine, July 2022

MetroExpress Hybrid PJ, Bass Player Magazine, January 2022

MetroLine VJ5, Bass Player Magazine, November 2021

Verdine White Metro Bass, Bass Player Magazine, April 2021 

Spruce Core Single Cut Bass, Bass Magazine, March 2019 

MetroExpress Bass, Premier Guitar, December 2018

MetroExpress Bass, Downbeat Magazine, November 2018

Semi-Hollow Guitar, Guitar Magazine, July 2018

MetroExpress Bass, Bass Player Magazine, June 2018

Will Lee Model, Bass Guitar Magazine UK, July 2009

Will Lee Bass, Bass Guitar Magazine

Metro Bass, Bass Guitar Magazine

Metro Bass, Bass Player, January 2005

Metro Bass, Bass Guitar

Metro Bass, Guitar & Bass, August 2007

Vintage 5/Original Outboard Bass Preamp, Bass Player, January 1997/April 1991

Vintage 5 (bass roundup), Bass Player, 20th Anniversary Issue

24 Fret Modern Bass, Downbeat, 2013

Search for the Ultimate 5-String, Bass Player, January 1997

PJ 5-String, Bass Frontiers

P5, Bass Guitar, April 2006

SBP-1 and SBP-2 Preamp Pedal Reviews, Bass Player, August 2017

SPB-1 Preamp Pedal, Bass Player, April 20002

SBP-1 Outboard Preamp, Onstage, April 2002

Original Outboard Preamp, Guitarist, July 1993

Electric Nylon Guitar, Guitar Player

Electric Nylon Guitar, Downbeat, July 2016

HSH S-Style, Guitar Player, October 2012

Semi Hollow Roundup, Downbeat July 2016

Semi Hollow, Downbeat, February 2009

Semi Hollow, Just Jazz Guitar, May 2008

Semi Hollow, Vintage Guitar, June 2008

Semi Hollow, Guitar Player, July 2015

Art of the Archtop, Downbeat, July 2013

SS-15 Guitar, Downbeat, July 2013 Downbeat

LS-17 Guitar, Vintage Guitar, March 2011

LS-13 and SS-13, Guitar Aficionado, July 2017

Jimmy Bruno, Downbeat, February 2007

Jimmy Bruno, Jazz Improv

Jimmy Bruno, TTC, April 2007

Jimmy Bruno/Jim Hall, Guitar Player, June 2007

Jim Hall, Downbeat, August 2004

Jim Hall, Guitar One, January 2005

Jim Hall, Jazz Times, February 2005

Jim Hall, TC Guitar, March 2004

SA2000, Bass Guitar, September 2006

SA2000, Bass Player, June 2006

Sadowsky Strings, Music Trade, November 2004


Artist Profiles and Interviews

Tom Hamilton, Bass Player, August 2019 

Adeline Michele, Bass Magazine, March 2019 

Will Lee, Bass Guitar Magazine UK, July 2009

Will Lee, Bass Guitar Magazine

Will Lee, Bass Guitar, April 2005

Brian Marshall/Alter Bridge, Bass Guitar Magazine UK, September 2012

Brian Marshall, Bass Guitar, December 2004

Walter Becker, Bass Guitar Magazine

Walter Becker, Vintage Guitar, November 2008

Tracy Wormworth, Bass Guitar, September 2006

Jeff Golub, Vintage Guitar, 2004

Don Was and Brian Wilson, LA Times, January 1995


Technical Articles

To Mod or Not to Mod, ASIA, Winter 2016

Bass Setups of the Rich and Famous, Bass Player, September 2006

Coated Strings, the Uncoated Truth, Bass Gear

Understanding Phasing in Guitar Repair, Guitarmaker, 2015

Wood and Sound in Amplified Guitars and Basses, ASIA, 2016

Trus Rod Adjustments, Taylor Tech Series

Zen and the Art of Guitar Repair


Roger Sadowsky Profiles and Interviews

High-End Guitars and Basses from NYC, Guitar Girl Magazine, January 2020

Roger Sadowsky: Bass of Tomorrow, Bass Guitar Magazine, Feb 2019

Roger Talks Will Lee Signature Model, Bass Guitar Magazine UK, July 2009

Roger Sadowsky Interview, Bass Guitar Magazine UK

Roger Sadowsky profile, SUNY Geneseo Alumni Mag 

Roger Sadowsky Profile, Guitar, September 1998

Roger Sadowsky Profile, Bassics

Roger Sadowsky Profile, Just Just Jazz Guitar, February 1999 

Roger Sadowsky Profile, New York Magazine, February 1997

Roger Sadowsky Profile, NYTimes, January 1991

Roger Sadowsky Profile,Bass Player, July 2000

Roger Sadowsky Profile,Guitar Player, July 1988

Roger Sadowsky Profile,Bass Frontiers, January 2009

Roger Sadowsky Profile,Guitar Buyers Guide, 1987-88

Roger Sadowsky Profile, Bass Guild, August 2001

Roger Sadowsky Profile, Bass Player, August 2012

Roger Sadowsky Profile, Porter Air

Roger Sadowsky Interview, Behind the Nameplate, Sept-Oct 2013  

Roger Sadowsky Interview, For Bass Players Only

Roger Sadowsky Profile, Bass Quarterly Roger Sadowsky Profile (in German), March 2016

Roger Sadowsky Profile, 20th Century Guitar Roger Sadowsky Profile, November 2006

Roger Sadowsky Profile, Frets Summer, 2006

Roger Sadowsky Profile, Bass Player, February 2017