Sadowsky News and Updates

Check out the Sadowsky NAMM 2019 Instruments

January 31, 2019

We had a great time this year at the 2019 NAMM show in Anaheim CA. If you didn’t get a chance to check out our instruments, we’ve gathered photos of most of them here. Many of these instruments have sold, but contact Carl Luckert by email or phone (718.433.1990/ to double check or to start a new order. Click on the images below for a hi-res slideshow and right click to download.

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New for 2019: the Sadowsky Spruce Core Single Cut

January 21, 2019

New for 2019: the Sadowsky Spruce Core Single Cut Sadowsky Guitars is proud to announce the new Spruce Core Single Cut Bass at the 2019 NAMM show in Anaheim CA. Roger Sadowsky began his career building acoustic guitars in 1972. Since then, the acoustic properties of wood have always played an important role in Roger’s approach to building electric guitars and basses. “Spruce is one of the most musically resonant woods on the planet,” notes…

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Must See: Beautiful Master Grade Burl Top J-Bass

January 18, 2019

This is a recent customer build that we wanted to share. It’s a 4-string Will Lee with a master grade burl top, swamp ash body, and a maple neck with pearl blocks and black hardware. Click on the photos below for a slide show. To order your own custom Sadowsky instrument, please contact For more custom order info, visit our price list page, our master grade wood galleries, and our ordering info page.

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Happy 5/24 Day From Sadowsky Guitars

May 24, 2018

It’s 5/24, the worldwide holiday that honors the 5-string/24-fret bass! To celebrate, we talked to Roger Sadowsky about our history with the 5-string bass and how our models have evolved over the years. Below the video, see all of our currently available 5/24 basses as well as the rest of our 5-string bass stock.  Also, see past 5-string basses on our Recently Sold NYC Basses page and our Sold Instruments Archive page.  Note: we recorded…

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How to Change the Strings On Your Sadowsky Bass

March 14, 2018

With the release of the newly re-engineered Sadowsky Blue Label Flatwound Bass Strings, we thought that it was time to put together a quick and easy guide to restringing your bass. Whether you’ve changed thousands of sets of strings or are just getting started, this guide (and video) will have you doing it like the pros at Sadowsky in no time.  AND, if you feel that this video is too fast—we sped it up on purpose—stay tuned for…

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Sadowsky Bass String Guide

February 15, 2018

Let Us Help You to Choose the Right Bass String With the introduction of our new Blue Label Flatwound strings, we thought that it was time to put together a quick guide to the Sadowsky family of bass strings. Check out the descriptions below to see what bass strings are right for you, but feel free to call/email Will at (718) 433-1990 / with any questions. Overall difference of Blue Label vs. Black Label strings: Our Black Label strings have…

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Bass Musician Review of Sadowsky Pedal Preamps

February 2, 2018
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Wood and Sound in Amplified Guitars and Basses

January 30, 2018

Ever wanted more insight into the role that tonewoods play in your instrument? See what Roger Sadowsky has to say in this article that he wrote for the Summer 2016 Issue of Guitarmaker Magazine on how wood choices affect sound in electric guitars, basses, and other amplified stringed instruments. Visit our the press section of our website to read or download a full .PDF of the article.  Wood and Sound in Amplified Guitars and Basses By Roger…

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Reverb Checks out the new MetroExpress at 2018 NAMM

January 27, 2018
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Sadowsky Featured in Feb 2018 Issue of Vintage Guitar

January 24, 2018
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