The Chuck Loeb Signature Model


  • Sadowsky Broadway Line LS-13 (25.5” scale)
  • Chambered Alder body: all body woods and figured tops available as option
  • Regular Sadowsky necks specs available 
  • All body woods, figured tops, and fingerboards available as options.
  • Portabag case included. 
  • Custom Chuck Loeb electronics.

Custom Electronics

  • Custom wound Sadowsky pickups for Chuck Loeb….H-S-H configuration
  • Master Volume, Master Tone
  • Auto coil cut on 5 way positions 2 and 4, master coil cut on separate mini toggle
  • “Smooth Jazz” switch on push pull tone (up engages preset tone control, adjustable from rear)
  • Sadowsky mid boost preamp switch (total bypass, mid boost engaged, mid + gain engaged).  Mid boost gain pot  located on trim pot adjustable from rear, gain boost gain pot located on circuit board.
  • See our support doc for more information on how the controls work.

$6600 Base Price