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Broadway Line


The Sadowsky Broadway Line

For the last two years, we have been conceptualizing, designing and prototyping our newest guitar models. Given my life long thesis that “The Wood Is My Foundation”… Lisa Hahn, my shop manager, and I have designed two related models that embody my 44 years experience with guitarmaking and the relationship of wood and tone.The new LS-13 Spruce Core and the SS-13 Spruce Core consist of a chambered spruce body with matching hardwood tops and back. Matched tops and backs consist of successive slices from the same billet, not just the same kind of wood.

The LS-13 is our long scale model (25.5”) which will feature our traditional H-S-H pickup configuration. The SS-13 is our short scale model (24.75”) which will feature a H-H pickup configuration. When available, the SS-13 will feature the finest vintage style humbuckers custom made for us by the amazing Ron Ellis.

In addition, each model will be available with a choice of two control layouts:
Control Layout 1 puts the volume control in easy reach, ideal for pinky rolls.
Control Layout 2 puts the pickup selector switch in the most accessible position with the controls laid out behind the switch.

Either model will be available with a choice of tremolo or hard tail bridge. A variety of neck woods, including solid morado, mahogany and maples (plain and roasted) will be available as well as our amazing selection of fingerboards and top and back woods.

We are thrilled to offer this incredible new guitar to the Sadowsky Family!

-Roger Sadowsky
More models coming soon!

Spruce Core LS-13

Spruce Core SS-13