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Sadowsky Verdine White Signature Model

Sadowsky Guitars is honored to announce the release of the Verdine White Signature Bass. Verdine, the bassist for Earth, Wind & Fire, has been a Sadowsky artist for over twenty years. Based on Verdine's first Sadowsky bass, this addition to the NYC Satin Series has an undersized J-style body of chambered alder, PJ pickups, and a J-bass width neck (1.5” at the nut).


The Verdine White Signature Bass is a tribute to Verdine's late brother, Maurice White, and a portion of the proceeds from each bass will be donated to the non-profit Verdine White Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles, California. The Center’s purpose is to assist musically talented students living in underserved communities. The Center provides scholarships, music lessons, and instruments. Sadowsky Guitars will donate two basses to the Performing Arts Center.


We are very proud to support Verdine and his Performing Arts Center with this collaboration.

This instrument is available exclusively from Sadowsky Guitars: $3099 for the 4-string model and $3299 for the 5-string models. Case included (see it here). Upcharge for Portabag or hard case. 

We also now offer a deluxe model with a variety of transparent finishes and flame maple tops. Available exclusively from our boutique dealers.


Verdine Headstock
Verdine Announcement Page

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5-String Verdine White Model

Deluxe Verdine White Model