NYC Custom Verdine White 21 Fret Bass

Verdine White, the bassist for Earth, Wind & Fire, has been a Sadowsky artist for over twenty years. Based on Verdine's first Sadowsky bass, the Verdine White Signature Bass has an undersized, chambered J-style body, PJ pickups, standard style construction (no pickguard or control plate) or vintage style construction (pickguard and control plate), and a J-bass width neck.

The Verdine White Signature Bass is a tribute to Verdine's late brother, Maurice White, and a portion of the proceeds from each bass will be donated to the non-profit Verdine White Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles, California. The Center’s purpose is to assist musically talented students living in underserved communities. The Center provides scholarships, music lessons, and instruments. Sadowsky Guitars donated two basses to the Performing Arts Center when the Verdine model was first announced.

We are very proud to support Verdine and his Performing Arts Center with this collaboration.

Find out more about the Verdine White Performing Arts Center.


  • Swamp ash or alder body chambered for enhanced resonance and light weight
  • Maple or rosewood fingerboard
  • Undersized J-style body
  • Standard (no pickguard/plate) or Vintage (pickguard/plate)
  • Sadowsky P/J humcancelling pickups
  • J-Bass width neck: 1.5” nut width on 4-string or 1.875" on 5-string
  • 21 nickel/silver frets .090" wide x .048" high
  • Custom Hipshot/Sadowsky tuning gears 
  • Sadowsky chrome-plated brass bridge
  • String spacing at bridge: 20mm on 4 Strings, and 19mm on 5 Strings
  • Portabag case is included.
  • Additional options available

$6100 Base Price 4-string

$6400 Base Price 5-string