Sadowsky Single Cut

"The Single Cut features a single cutaway chambered body with a 24 fret bolt on neck. The extended contact between the neck and the body offers a new level of evenness and tone across the fretboard.

The standard version of this bass features our soapbar pickups in our bridge forward "modern" locations as well as our mid-boost circuit. It is available with all of our normal wood and hardware options.

The Vintage version of the Single Cut includes a pickguard and control plate. The pickups include our humcancelling J-style pickup in the neck position and our Super J pickup in the bridge position.  The Super J was designed as a pickup that could switch between 60’s and 70’s J bass bridge locations. We teamed up with Nordstrand pickups, who designed an elegant pickup for us. Each coil is a hum canceling J pickup, which will combine with the neck pickup without any hum. A mini 3-way toggle switch selects the 60's coil, both coils together in parallel, or the 70's coil."

-Roger Sadowsky

$6900 Base Price 



  • Sleek Single Cut body shape
  • Swamp ash or alder body chambered for enhanced resonance & light weight
  • Maple or rosewood fingerboard
  • Choice of  1 3/4″ or 1 7/8” on 5-string
  • 24 nickel/silver frets .090″ wide x .048″ high
  • Hipshot Ultralight tuning gears
  • Sadowsky Soapbar Pickups or single J-style pickup in the neck position and dual-coil 60/70 pickup in the bridge position
  • Mid Boost Pre-Amp with switchable midboost and trim pot
  • Controls: master vol, pickup blend, treble roll-off (VTC) with pre-amp bypass, bass boost, treble boost, midboost on/off
  • Sadowsky chrome-plated brass bridge with quick release
  • String spacing at bridge: 18 or 19mm
  • Portabag case is included. Ask about hard case options.
  • Additional options available


Standard Style with Soapbars in Modern Positions


Vintage Style with J/Super J Humcancelling Pickups