Sadowsky Satin Series

Note: 6/23/20: We are not taking new orders of Satin and Deluxe Satin basses. We are currently working through our final inventory of necks and bodies. Please keep checking our in-stock page for our final Satin and Deluxe Satin Basses.

Since 1979, Sadowsky Guitars has been committed to the “working musician.” In that spirit, we are pleased to present the Satin Series: built on the same benches and by the same builders as any other NYC bass at a more attractive starting price. By limiting models and options, we can offer these NYC-made basses at nearly half the price of built-to-order custom instruments.

Satin Series basses feature ash bodies with maple fingerboards or alder bodies with morado fingerboards. The J-style bass is fitted with a pair of our humcancelling pickups with ‘60s wind, while the 24-fret Modern style has soapbar pickups in “bridge forward” locations. There are no custom options available for the Satin Series. The bodies are chambered and the necks are graphite-reinforced, just like all of our NYC basses. We only offer solid colors with a satin finish. For the electronics, we use our prewired preamp assembly (our NYC basses are hand wired). The hardware is the same Hipshot licensed tuners and custom bridge that we use on our MetroLine Series.

Our Satin family of basses also includes the Verdine White signature model (a p/j pickup configuration with a j-style body) and the Deluxe Satin Series (transparent, natural, and burst finishes).

We feel these basses are 100% Sadowsky NYC and there are no areas where we cut costs that would compromise the quality of these instruments.


  • Chambered Ash body with maple fingerboards
  • Chambered Alder body with morado fingerboards
  • All necks contain graphite strips for even tonal response
  • All finishes in solid colors with satin finish
  • 21 fret models feature Sadowsky humcancelling J-J pickups
  • 24 fret models feature Sadowsky soapbar pickups in bridge forward (modern) locations
  • Sadowsky Preamp with Volume, Pan, Vintage Tone Control (VTC) with bypass switch, stacked Treble/Bass boost
  • Hipshot Ultralite Tuners and Sadowsky Bridge, chrome hardware only
  • 4-string models: 12″ radius, 1.5″ nut width
  • 5-string models: 12″ radius, 1.875″ nut width
  • + $200 for Lefty Models
  • Case included (see it here). Upcharge for Portabag or hard case. 

$3199 for 5 string models 

$2999 for 4 string models

21 Fret Satin Series

24 Fret Satin Series


Available Satin Series Basses