NYC Custom 24 Fret

24 fret models are designed for the player needing a full two octave range on their bass. Our original version features dual soapbar pickups located closer to the bridge for a tighter, punchier, more modern sound. This remains our most popular configuration and is available in standard style only. It is also our favorite configuration for fretless basses.

24 fret models are now available in all pickup configurations. Modern soapbar locations are only available in standard style.


$5800 Base Price 4-string

$6100 Base Price 5-string


  • Sleek undersized body shape with a full two octave note range
  • Swamp ash or alder body chambered for enhanced resonance & light weight
  • Maple or rosewood fingerboard
  • Choice of 1.5” or 1 3/4” nut width on 4-string J,  and 1 3/4″ or 1 7/8” on 5-string
  • 24 nickel/silver frets .090″ wide x .048″ high
  • Custom Hipshot/Sadowsky Ultralight tuning gears
  • Sadowsky Single Coil or Humcancelling J pickups
  • Sadowsky Soapbars in ’60s J-Bass locations or Sadowsky P/J
  • Soapbars in Modern Location (Standard Style Only)
  • Classic Sadowsky Treble and Bass boost pre-amp with bypass switch
  • Controls: master vol, pickup blend, treble roll-off (VTC) with pre-amp bypass, bass boost, treble boost
  • Sadowsky chrome-plated brass bridge with quick release
  • String spacing at bridge: 20mm on 4 Strings, and 19mm on 5 Strings
  • Portabag case is included. 
  • Additional options available