MetroLine SlapMaster

We are very excited to release our newest MetroLine model….The SlapMaster!

Since 1979, Sadowsky Guitars and the Sadowsky Preamp have been widely known among players who love to play this style of bass. The natural mid-scoop of the Sadowsky preamp is perfect for the ultimate slap tone.

Our SlapMaster model incorporates all of the modifications Sadowsky guitars started using in the 80’s for bass players around the world.

These include:

  • Swamp Ash body; slightly heavier weight
  • Sadowsky Preamp with treble boost, bass boost, and push/pull bypass switch
  • Omega Bridge (Badass Style)
  • Deeper neck pocket for perfect string to body distance for G string popping
  • Lower action that is set up perfectly for slap style bass playing

Sadowsky Guitars continues to “raise the bar” in electric bass design.


  • Sleek, undersized J-body shape
  • Solid ash body
  • Thicker headstock plus graphite strips in the neck to reduce dead spots and create a more even response on every note
  • Maple or Morado fingerboard
  • 1.5" nut width on 4-strings and 1 7/8" nut width on 5-strings
  • 20 18% nickel/silver frets that are .094" wide x .051" high, maximum hardness
  • Custom Gotoh/Sadowsky tuning gears on 4-strings and Licensed Hipshot Ultralight tuners on 5-strings
  • Sadowsky Preamp with volume, pan, treble boost, bass boost, and push/pull bypass switch. 
  • Sadowsky Humcancelling J pickups (60's location)
  • Omega bridge
  • 20mm 4-string bridge spacing and 19mm 5-string bridge spacing
  • Case included


MV4SMMaple Fretboard, 4-String$3,000
RV4SMMorado Fretboard, 4-String$3,089
MV5SMMaple Fretboard, 5-String$3,222
RV5SMMorado Fretboard, 5-String$3,289

4-String SlapMaster

5-String SlapMaster


Available Finishes