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F – One Fretboard Oil


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For conditioning unfinished fingerboards, like rosewoods and ebony, I have alway recommended Boiled Linseed Oil. However, this oil poses the risk of spontaneous combustion, so I have always looked for a product to offer my customers that is risk free. Lemon oil is nothing more tan drugstore mineral oil with added drying agents, scent and color. I have also always warned players NOT to use lemon oils, as these actually dry out the fingerboard more than if you used nothing at all.

I am happy to say I have discovered F-One Fretboard Oil. This a combination of all natural oils and does a wonderful job of nourishing the wood of your fingerboard. Sold in 2-oz bottles and highly recommended.

Using a piece of soft paper towel, just coat your fingerboard with a light film of oil and then wipe it dry. No need to let it soak in. Oil might take a few minutes to seep out of the pores of the wood, so give it 5-10 minutes and then wipe down again.

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