Replacement Pickguards

As of August 2020, we are no longer selling replacement pickguards.

For a replacement pickguard, please contact one of the following custom pickguard companies:

And for something very special:

To make sure that they get you the right fit for your pickguard, you may need to send in your old pickguard OR make a fine point pencil drawing on a piece of paper and send it in. 

If the company asks you to make a tracing, we do not recommend that you send a scan or photo of the guard via email. A physical drawing is best as the size of images, placement of holes, etc. can become distorted with a digital image. 

Tips on tracing your old guard:
Remove the current pickguard and any controls mounted to it. Put all the parts in a ziploc bag.  Label the contents and put them where you know you'll find them.

Lay the guard face up on a piece of plain white bond (copier or printer) paper and trace the perimeter and all cutouts, holes, and routes in fine line pencil detail—mechanical pencils work best. For larger perimeter guards, it may be necessary to tape two pieces of paper together to get the entire image to fit within the border edge of the paper. Mail in a regular business or greeting card envelope. It’s okay to fold the drawing.

Sending in your old guard:
If you would like to send in your pickguard for duplication, please pack your pickguard carefully. We recommend taping it between two pieces of cardboard using masking or painter’s tape.