Replacement Pickguards

We are no longer selling replacement pickguards.

Pickguards for all Sadowsky basses are available from our good friends at Pickguard Planet.

Visit this page to order a Sadowsky pickguard:

If you don't see what you are looking for, contact them at

When you write to them, specify one of the following:

SADOWSKY NYC (Incudes Satin Series)

If your Sadowsky NYC is older than #6300 (2011), you should send your pickguard in to be used as a template.

MetroExpress pickguards are the same as current NYC.
4-21 or 5-21.

MetroLine pickguards are available for Serial #6000 or higher.

MetroLine pickguards may also require some fitting and original screw holes may need to be plugged and redirilled.
Any MetroLine basses older than #6000 require you sending your pickguard to be used as a template.

Please reference your model number:
4-20, 5-20 (Ultra Vintage)
4-21, 5-21
4-22, 5-22 (Will Lee Model)
V4-24, V5-24  24 frets with J-J pickups

If you are unsure of your model, please send a photo of your bass to