New Sadowsky Shop Entrance Procedure

Dear Sadowsky friends and customers,

Our building elevator is being replaced and will be out of service for a long time. If you want to visit the shop, you will no longer be able to enter through our usual entrance. Instead, please enter through the first set of doors at the left side of the main entrance.  




Once at the door, look for the intercom to the right of the door.

Enter 401 on the Keypad and press the Green Bell button. We can then buzz you in.

Please make sure the door closes firmly behind you. Take the DOWN staircase to the right and go down to the bottom.  Go left  and follow the long corridor until you arrive at the freight elevator.  Someone is running that all day and will bring you up the fourth floor.

Ring the buzzer to the left of our double door and we will let you in

If you have any issues, please call us in the shop and we will guide you in: (718) 433-1990