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The Staff


Founded the company and still loves working in the shop on guitars. Roger is hands on, training and mentoring the staff to ensure that each Sadowsky instrument reaches its full potential.


 Shop Manager and Senior Guitar Maker. Loves loud amps, cool pedals and a perfect neck fit.

Staff Member Since 2005


Peter Amos is our new sales manager. Call or email Peter regarding the purchase of any in stock instrument or to place a new order. Peter is personable and knowledgeable about all things Sadowsky and will take very good care of you. Peter recently moved into the sales position after three years as our customer service/shipping manager.

Staff Member Since 2013


Senior Guitar Maker and father of William Truss. Loves dumpsters and all things Metal.

Staff Member Since 2012


Guitar Maker and part of our pre-production team. Joe handles body sanding and raw neck fits as well as spraying control cavity shielding paint. He loves T-shirts and sandwiches. Recently promoted to “Rubbish Liaison.”

Staff Member Since 2014


Dan Vitucci moved from the front of the house to the back of the workshop in 2016! Dan started as our shipping manager and was our sales manager for the last few years. He has wanted to move into the workshop for some time, and we finally had a bench available for him.

Staff Member Since 2011


Pre-Production Team. His responsibilities include fingerboard truing, fretwork and spraying a nice thin matte nitro finish on all our NYC necks.

Staff Member Since 2014


All around nice guy: handling the website and all the odds and ends that have to get done in order to keep the shop going.

Staff Member Since 2015


Matt Sohl started as a part time sander and progressed to full time in the workshop very quickly. Matt is a fast learner and has quickly learned neck fits, truing fingerboards, fretting, and pretty much everything that Lisa can throw at him!

Staff Member Since 2016


JR Hevron started as a part-time sander about the same time as Matt Sohl. JR responsibilities in the shop have expanded to fret and fingerboard prep on Satin Series necks, preamp wiring, body prep, and more.  In addition to his time in the workshop, JR is now heading up all of our social media and helps maintain the website. Roger will personally manage the Roger Sadowsky Facebook page. JR will handle the Sadowsky Guitars page as well as Instagram, Twitter, and our overall presence on the internet. JR will also be filming shop videos and working with Roger to create a steady stream of instructional and informational videos for our website and YouTube.

Staff Member Since 2016


Carmine Mattia is our new Front of House person and Shipping Manager. A Berklee College of Music Graduate, Carmine’s main instrument is bass and he plays guitar as well. He is happy to greet you when you visit the shop and is usually the first person to greet you by phone as well!

Staff Member Since 2017