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Bass Gear Review Archive

Standard 4-String
J. Schwarz  |
Marcus  |

Vintage 4-String
Gary Flowers  |
Arturo Baguer  |

Vintage P/J 4-String
Matthew  |

Standard P/J 4-String
Jim Sloves  |

Ultra-Vintage J
Kevin Walker  |
Jacob Ovesen Larsen  |
Matthew  |

Standard 5-String
Manny Lauria  |
Michael Nelson  |
Michael Fredericks  |

24-Fret 5-String
David Adler  |
Renato Grammatica  |

Fretless Basses
Kotaro Otake  |

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Harmony Central

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Amp Reviews

Bass Pickup Reviews

Preamp/DI Reviews

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Talk Bass

Seach of keyword "Sadowsky" on forum discussions

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