hey.  i just wanted to say that i recieved the sbs40 strings today and they are fantastic.  the best i ever played.  thanks alot.

February 18, 2006

I just wanted to thank you for your prompt attention to my e-mail regarding a bad string in my set, and for your generous inclusion of a new set in addition to the new string. This is just another affirmation of what Sadowsky customers already know, that you and your staff provide Customer Service that is SECOND TO NONE!!

Your company's standards and products are truly first class.

Jim Risley
November 8, 2005

After some experimenting with different strings, I went back to the Sadowsky Stainless Steel for my Metro ms5. These are the best strings I have ever used in almost 30 years. Incredible Low B and amazing tone. I can't wait to get famous enough to endorse your products. LOL (Well I can dream! can't I).

Gerry Nolan
June 17, 2005

I got my strings last week Friday, I have since placed them on my bass (Marcus Miller Fender Jazz). These strings are just great!!! DR has lost another one!

Semper Fi

SSgt Clarence Rowe
June 8, 2005

My initial impressions after a few weeks of rehearsals and gigs with the strings on an early-'80's Fender US V serial# '57 reissue (alder body/fretted maple) that sports a nicely stable neck:

1.) Lovely tension -- more than the Thomastik-Infeld Jazz Flats I've been favoring (the lowest tension bass string, flat or otherwise, out there), and on a par with, say, D'Addario 40 to 100 nickel rounds. Accordingly, they don't require the sometimes radical truss rod adjustments (tightening) necessitated by many "old school" flats. They have a tighter feel under the right hand than the TIs, which allows for a bit more variety of expression in attack, but don't require tendon-crushing pressure to fret or attack ala many of the classic-style LaBella flats and Fender's current production flats. (I'll have to dig some Pyramids out of the closet before I can comment on the feel difference there; they're soft, but not as soft as the TIs.)

2.) Much better old school "thump" under the note than the TIs (which are lacking in that area), but still a much more defined note than that produced by GHS flats or Pyramid flats, strings with thump to spare. A hair -- maybe a hair and a half -- more note with the thump than D'Addario Chromes.

3.) Nice string-to-string balance -- tone, volume, and feel -- often a weak spot (tone-wise, anyway) with the Pyramids.

4.) Very sexy feel under the hands -- smoooooth.

5.) Does not have the complex upper mids and highs of the TIs (which have almost freakish capabilities in that area, for flats), but still, as noted above, hold the note nicely in the low mids and mids. [A digression: I suspect that because of their mids/highs, TIs don't mate well with some pups -- combined with the DiMarzio UltraJazz, for example, you get a sort of
papery, one-dimensional note. On the other hand, they can be great with top-shelf single coil J pups; more bottom weight than rounds, without losing the J bass's signature upper tones. TIs can kill on a fat, dark P, too.]

6.) They settle in quickly and intonate well. Curious to see how they'll do over time. GHS flats, for example, quickly divot where the fret contacts the outer wrap, which causes the string's ability to hold a note to falter (which, admittedly, some P-thumper love), but which also makes the bass, in my opinion, impossible to intonate.

All told, this an important string that should be in the arsenal of any player who appreciates or who wants to learn about what a flat can do for

December 2, 2004

The SGNJ11's got here today, and right away I put a set on my 1960 ES-175. I have been using Thomastik-Infeld round wound strings, but I must say it was immediately obvious that the Sadowsky strings are far superior. Crisp but not brash, and very warm. And the tensions balance out very nicely. I was a bit concerned because I had been using 12's, but this set feels great. My only comment is that I feel bad wasting the plain G string. It's great that you provide an option (other brands do not), but since I prefer a wound G, it would be great to order sets without the plain G if possible.That brings me to my next question--do you keep customer details (including
credit card number) on file? I'll certainly be ordering some more strings
soon, so if you have the info on file, could I just email the order?

Thanks a lot!

Ken Rose
November 26, 2004

I just put a set of your pure nickel wound jazz roundwounds (12-52's) on my Byrdland. In short ARE THESE STRINGS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! None of the 'clanginess' of the run of the mill roundwounds. Just warmth! Thanks again! P.S. Should I even dare to try your flatwounds that I ordered and have sitting on my desk for fear I might like those even better?!?!?!

Jim Hahn
October 31, 2004

I have been using your strings for the last two months, and yes, they are "The Best You Ever Played!"

Michael Esbensen
October 26, 2004

Just put a set of Sadowsky 12-52 pure nickel roundwounds on my Byrdland. Man are these really warm strings at least to my ears. I've traditionally always used flatwounds and have a set of Sadowsky 12-52 flats that came with the roundwounds sitting here, but to tell you the truth these roundwounds are really fantastic. No jangling that I have experienced with some roundwounds just a really nice warm sound. The GHS flats that I had on the Byrdland before were really good but these Sadowsky strings give a much more acoustic sound.

Jim Hahn
October 26, 2004