I just purchased a new MV4HPJ and I really like it ... the strings, too! This bass blows me away every time I play it, the construction, sound and playability are just incredible. My search for the perfect bass has ended.

Ed Hale

The Bass is arrived..it's amazing and it's very lighter..the sound is "fat" and  warm!!..I love this bass!

Thank you for your assistance and thanks to all Sadowsky's team!!

Luigi Sguassero

Thanks for all your help in my purchase of the Sadowsky RV-4. The bass is everything as advertised and exceeded my expectations. The workmanship and quality of the build is outstanding, but most importantly, the playability is the best. The neck fits my hand like a glove and the shop setup is exceptional. I’m a very happy first time Sadowsky owner. (Now I need a 5-string Sadowsky)

Harry Magalong

I did receive the M5-24 yesterday. It’s a beauty! Playability is wonderful although I haven’t had a chance to crank it up yet. I do slap/pop and this bass appears to be more receptive to this than any other I’ve played. It was worth the wait. Thanks again for your help. Please pass on to Roger my appreciation.

Elliott Bonnie

7 days with my bass and everyday feels like my birthday. Onstage, the sound is fantastic, offstage, it feels like I've owned it forever. This is my best friend. I've played your basses before, but this one feels like it was born in my hand. You have a lifelong customer and please feel free to call me for ANYTHING.

All the best,


Just wanted to let you know that I got the bass on Thursday and have been playing it constantly for the last 4 days. It sounds great and is everything I hoped for. Please thank Roger for me for making an incredible instrument.


I have received the instrument. I cannot put it down, since opening the case. It arrived in perfect condition and needed only a slight turn on the "D" string. This bass guitar is awesome!!! And i've only just begun to explore its capabilities.

Many thanks to Roger and all of the crew at Sadowsky NYC and Tokyo and to you, Kevin for your help with the entire ordering process.

There is one thing I don't understand........Why doesn't every bass player out there play one of your basses. They are quite simply THE BEST!!

Scott Segner

Some good news/bad news. After playing the MV4 for the first time on a gig Saturday night - hearing the bass for the first time in a live setting - and hearing my bandmates exclaim about how wonderful the bass sounded - I don't think I will need another one for a while!!!

(but when I do you will be the first to know!!)

Thanks for getting back to me and thanks for such great basses.

Bill Eggert

I bought a Metro MV4 from Gelb Music in Redwood City, CA. I have to say, this is the most incredible bass I've ever had the pleasure of owning and I've owned some nice basses. I can't imagine how anything could be better with this bass. Sounds great, plays great and looks great. I'm a real Fender guy and it's like having the best Fender available. Thanks so much and all the best success to Sadowsky Guitars.

Scot Larsen

I just got back from my first gig on the M5-24. Oh yeah, I get it now! I'm too tired to sling superlatives, but this may very well be the perfect instrument.


Ed Friedland

I just wanted to let you know that I've spent the last two days in rehearsal with your bass, and I'm loving it - it's so well balanced and feels ' right ' straight away. I wanted to play it in a bit, and I've finally had the chance to. I'm really enjoying ' digging into ' the bass, and it sounds good straight away.

Colin Greenwood

I just received my new Metro RV4 (#M1142) yesterday. I've been playing bass since 1973. Since then, I've owned many basses including high-end boutique models. This is the first time I have ever played a Sadowsky bass. I am absolutely blown away! In terms of fit and finish, playability and tone, you have exceeded my expectations by a huge margin. This one's a keeper! I can't wait to use it on my gig this weekend!

Please extend my compliments to your Tokyo and NYC staff for the amazing work that they do! And thank you for producing these world-class instruments year after year!

Kevin O'Connell

I've just received my Metro UV 70 5 string and while I had played a metro 4 string, I was holding my breath. As you know, not all B strings are equal and I was taking the Metro 5 string on faith. I've been a bass player for 30 years and have owned/played many different basses over that period of time. I must say I am extremely impressed !! I sold a $6,000 custom 5-string bass and replaced it with the UV 70 Metro 5, and I am not sorry.

The Metro has more tonal variations, cuts through the mix in live performances and records like a dream, (not to mention the excellent feel and playability)! I don't want to sound like an advertisement, but your reputation is well deserved.

I am now a huge fan and would like to own NYC bass when finances allow (musician salary), you will hear from me again.

Your unpaid sales rep,

Terry Worsham

Last week I bought a M5-24. IT"S UNBELIEVABLE!!! About 3-4 years ago, I put a deposit on a NYC 5 string,but had to back out when I lost my job. Thanks for the same quality bass in a more affordable price range. I had been playing a Ken Smith for about 5 years, although it was nice, it can't compare to this bass.

Rhys Williams

I bought my Metro MV4 (number M698) in the summer last year from The Bass Gallery in London and the simple fact is that you have made a fantastic instrument. I didn't want to write to you in the first flush of new bass excitment but frankly I still smile when I open the case and I grin like an idiot when I hear the sound. I can ask nothing more of an instrument than that it responds to my touch, that it helps me to get the sound I want and that it never feel hampered by it. My Metro does everything I ask of it superbly well, all the time.

The first time I went into the studio the producer listened to the pure DI sound for about 20 seconds and said "that sounds perfect". He then smiled and wondered out loud why we had bothered to bring all the rest of that equipment with us, before glancing at his now redundant rack and pushing up the fader on the bass channel. Whenever I talk to him about recording other bass players he normally complains that their instruments don't sound as good as my Sadowsky.

I know that you guys all work hard to make great instruments and I'm sure that like all of us there are some days when you would rather stay in bed than get up and go to work. I just wanted to let you know that you are doing a great job and that this instrument that you made is wonderful and that your work is really appreciated. Sadowsky has another convert to add to the list.

Nick Townsend

Greetings. Last Friday, with my group, Urban Blue, I christened my new UV Metro bass at the Lucille's restaurant in BB Kings nightclub in Times Square. We are the only entertainment all night and play 6 sets of music.

The new bass, from Gary Rosen at GuitarX in Denver, was fantastic. The guys in the band were blown away with the tone and clarity of this instrument. The aggressive passages were clean and articulate and the tone on the ballads was warm and great to listen to. I played basically the same way I have for years but it sounded like a new, improved bass player. Your recommendation towards the UV70 is well appreciated. I wasn't sure which model I wanted but I am now sure I made the right choice. The transition from my Fenders and my Ken Smith was seamless.

Great bass. These Metros are really terrific, well worth every penny. Thanks again and please tell Roger that this instrument is everything as described. I have had a rebirth of excitement for playing.

Mark Polott

The bass arrived Friday. I might have told you on the phone, but this is the first Sadowsky I've seen up close. The workmanship is outstanding. This is a thing of beauty. I love the feel of the neck, and the balance is perfect. The setup is great - string height like I like it and balanced pickup strength from string to string. I've played it just a little so far, and I want to give it a few more days to be sure.

Just wanted to let you know it arrived. I'll report back again in a few days.

Ron Beckman

Just wanted to thank you for making such an awesome instrument. I had originally purchased a M24 from your shop (Kevin). I decided the modern wasn't the right bass for me, and the MV5 was a better choice for the sound and feel I was after. Kevin was extremely helpful, I sent the bass back and he credited it back to my card.

I found one at Bass Emporium and bought it. I've been playing professionally for over 25 years, I've owned Fenders, Music Man's, Rick's, Modulus, G&L and Lakland's, but without a doubt, this MV5 is the best sounding, best playing, most solid, well put together bass I have ever owned. I've searched for the perfect bass for me my entire career, and thanks to you, I've finally found it!

Mike Weir

I am so pleased and satisfied with my M406!! It´s the very best!! I´m playing almost every day and the M 406 is there "helping" me all the time. I´ve done a couple of recording sessions where sound engineers and fellow musicians been telling me; "what a great bass sound...what kind of instrument is that"???!!!

"Aha, it's a Sadowsky...they supposed to be good, aren't they"??!! So it is!! Spread the word!!

Mats Englund

Finally got the chance to hear the RV5 through the “big rig” at full volume with the band at rehearsal last night. I am a very, very happy camper.

The bass is just, well….perfect. Smiles all around last night. Everybody dug the tone and loved the look as well. Guitar player Tim was especially impressed, and commented that the bass really has “my sound” in it. He’s a tone freak who liked my other bass but thought the maple board wasn’t “me”.

Craig Garfinkel

Great weekend - three sold out shows and a great bass! Really impressed - thanks for everything.

John Jowitt

I just had to write a quick note to you and thank you for building such masterpieces of sight and sound. I'm settling in to my second Sadowsky, an RV-5 Metro, my other is a P/J-5 New York model. I have always leaned toward the thick meatiness of the P-bass sound, and I thought I'd never find a J/J configuration that I would be totally happy with. Honestly I bought this Metro as a backup bass for the road, and now it has become my main axe. For me, it is exactly what is needed in a live setting. It's full and rich, but it also cuts through like a knife, and it sits with the kick drum and other instruments like nothing else I've ever played. It'll growl or purr exactly as it should with just a little variation in touch and technique. It can sound as aggressive or mellow as you'd like, with minimal changes in pickup selection and EQ. To me it is the perfect blend of all the acoustic qualities an instrument should have, almost like a beautiful human voice that sounds great in any style or genre.

I'm sure I'll rekindle my love for my P/J as well. I'm learning that there's more than enough love to go around when it comes to Sadowsky basses.

Thanks for making great tone even more accessible than ever.

Matt Evans

My name is Oystein Djupvik and I live in Norway. I recently purchased a Metro RV4 second hand. The serial no. is M527. I have owned a lot of high quality basses but none of them even come close to this one. Its a sunburst color so it's also very pleasing to the eye.

Thanks a lot. It's even better than what I dared to dream of.

Oystein Djupvik

I picked up my beautiful Sadowsky Olympic White Metro 5-string bass from Bass Exchange in Sherman Oaks last Saturday, used it on my gigs this past weekend and I love it. At first I was afraid to take it out of the house because its too pretty. Well, I decided to and needless to say I received lots of compliments on its looks and most important, tone.

All of you did an excellent job and Im sure Roger is quite proud of all of you.

The Sadowsky Crew from Japan rocks!! Keep up the great work!!

Carlo Tanori

Roger, It was great chatting with you yesterday. I always enjoy our conversations. Again, I wanted to convey my complete satisfaction with the purchase of my new M5-24. The construction and "workpersonship" is flawless. You know me...I take my basses out in the day light and inspect them with my 1.75 reading glasses. The instrument played like a dream too. The Bass Player write up on the tonality of your 24 fret 5 is dead on.

Additionally, I was able to lower the string saddles another 1/16" or so and the bass does not buzz. The wood, the paint, the fit and finish...all exceptional...I could really go on and on.

Please forward this message to your crew in Japan and congratulate them for me. Thanks again!

Tim Craig

Got the bass today, it looks fantastic! Thanks again... I think I'm going to be picking up another Metro (RS-5) sans VTC so you all may be getting another from me for some work before too long. I'm just so impressed with these instruments.

Erich Mecherle

Got the bass yesterday-afternoon. Used it today in a studio-gig. The engineer was very, very,very pleased with the sound. The rest of the week i've got rehearsels for a tv-gig in the weekend. I'll let you know how it worked out "live" for me afterwards.

Thanks again for sending it so fast to me!


I got the bass yesterday and i could not be happier. Everything arrived safe and sound. You were right about the tortoise guard, it will not be coming off. The appearance is fantastic, the three tone burst is so clear.

First I played #822 at home. It felt comfortable as soon as i picked it up. The finish you have on the back of the neck is so smooth and comfortable and the neck profile fits very well under my hand. Then my bass playing friend came over and we went to the bass shop we deal with and the guys there loved it! Nothing prepared me for how fat this bass would sound through just an eden wt400 and an 8ohm quad cranked in the shop!! And with the single coils and the 70's placement it barks and growls!!! I can't wait to take it on a gig and let loose.

Again, thanks for all your help. Please thank your Japanese staff for the wonderful bass they have built me and thank you for all your assistance with my order and the extras i optioned.

Thanks again,

David Evans

I reciv'ed my bass...Its da bomb! This bass will sit all others down. I don't miss my pre Gibson Tobias bass at all. Needless to say I'm keeping it. Next week I'm playing with Jeff Lorber & Warren Hill, I'm gonna have a ball!

Thanks a bunch...you said all the right things that made me go out on a limb and try it!

Michael Harrington

Just got my Metro. Roger this bass is incredible!!!!!!! Its everything my '71 Jazz wants to be. I also went back and forth using the same amp in comparison to the Metro and my Fender Jazz MM bass. No comparison @ all!!!! With the VTC installed this IS the only 4 string I work and play with.

Just wanted to say thanks again.

LaMarquis Jefferson

Played my new Sadowsky today at Perimeter Church. This bass is a freak of nature. During break, several people said bottom end was amazing and earth shattering. Man, the bass plays itself! I am so glad I went with the maple neck for this one. Thanks again and long live the Bass Gallery!

David N. Brown

I received the RV5. Everything went all right. The bass is fantastic. Thanks for your help and everything.

Laurent Divay

I just purchased one of your Metro Series 5-string basses in Lake Placid Blue at the LA Bass Exchane in CA. This bass is absolutly phenominal. I am so happy with this instrument words can't express my feelings. Just wanted to send a note to show my appreciation on your product and quality, this is definetly an A+++++.

Mike O'Dell

Please extend my sincere thanks for all those involved in the construction and delivery of my M5-24 (M585). I have never been so completely satisfied with the purchase of an instrument, seriously, euphorically enamored!! I can hardly stay away from it! My only problem is that I like it way to much, I received it Monday and had rehearsal Monday and Tuesday, then had a gig last night, and the bass hasn't left my house because I don't want to introduce it to any hostile environments (smoky clubs and alcohol impaired bass players who want to sit in)!! :-)

The range of tones is so complete I can't imagine what more anyone could want, I can get the coolest staccato "pop" (a la Jaco) to incredibly musical slap tones. To sum it up, it gives me a kaleidoscope of tones that I can dial in to my own personal taste, or to the required tone given to the style of music being played.

AND gorgeous!!!! It is very aesthetically pleasing, an absolute work of art! The finish is beautiful and flawless, the transparent blue color being deep yet brilliant, I love it!

I guess what I'm trying to say guys is... you ain't getting this one back!!! :-)

Mark Hildebrand

I want to thank you for letting me use one of your basses for my NY gig. I figured the only right way to repay you was to take my money and buy one! I bought a Metro, #M344, today, and this thing is sick! I plan on having the Vintage Tone option installed on it. LaMarquis told me that that's the way to go.

I've found my "holy grail". This is my first one, but definately not my last!


I had contacted you several times last year by e-mail, expressing interest in your basses. Finally, after a 3 month wait, I got my Metro from John Files, at the Bass Emporium, in Austin. It's an RV4, just like the top one on your website, (serial #M463). I just got it dialed in, and now I can't put it down. I have been playing Fender Jazz basses for 25 years, and never thought I would ever switch, but I did, and I'm glad.

Anyway, just wanted to say, thanks.

Carl LoSchiavo

Received the bass yesterday. What a great instrument! Every possible detail is fantastic. Looking forward to playing it on my regular theater gig tonight. I can see myself wanting to own a couple more of these. If I wind up with enough work on electric, you can bet that I will.

Kevin Tkacz

Roger & Yoshi,

I am an avid & very picky when it comes to owning 5 stringers. I owned 2 Laklands and I love the low B on the 35" necks. I've always believed that the B tone on a 35" is always far more superior then a 34". In your FAQ section, someone asked why you don't offer 35" neck basses, in which you gave a 3 points answer. Initially, I was very skeptical to your answers and I was determined to asses your theory. That chance came last JAN when I visited the Bass Player in Sydney. They happened to have an MV5 in their stock, so I thought that I might just give the Sadowsky a go. This experience changed my whole perspective on 5 string basses forever. It was amazing! The low B tone is immaculate and in many cases is far superior then the 35" that I've got. The neck! Oh, boy....my finger ran up and down the neck with such ease. The Tone! It blew me away. Typing, slapping, finger style...you name it...this bass will blew you away. I then bought the Sadowsky MV5 beauty without any hesitation. I have to say that I've found a precious tresure. My next move was to make the MV5 my official axe, replacing the incumbent 35".

I am now planning to purchase my second Sadowsky, which will be an R5-24. You just can't get enough of Sadowskys.

Thank you very much Roger and Yoshi!!!

Ryuji Murakami

Just a quick email to thank you for the excellent customer support that I have had while placing an order for a Metro. I especially appreciate your willingness to do some custom work on my instrument (single-coils and a D-tuner) and am very much looking forward to receiving the instrument. Thanks again.

Brent Cline

I recently purchased a Metro 5 Bass from my friend JD at Corner Music in Nashville. They really do a great job marketing your instruments to the public and I am very pleased with my purchase.

I've been playing bass for about 10 years and I've been playing professionally for the last four. I play mostly contemporary jazz, traditional and gospel, a little rock and country when the call comes in. I just wanted to email you and say that I think the instruments you build are phenomenal. In gospel music three basses have pretty much rained supreme in the south: Ken Smith, Pre-Gibson Tobias, and Fender (either 5-string or 6-string).

Fender was always the majority but the only problem was always the B-string and non-aggressive midrange (which is a big problem when standing next to a Hammond B3 Organ Leslie). Recently, I was at the National Choir Convention and as usual all the musicians wanted to check out everyones grip. A couple of Smith's came through and got the usual thumbs up and a few other boutique bass turned some heads. I was playing a Keith Roscoe SKB 3006 which turned alot of heads and rumble alot of chairs.

Well let me get to the point ... a guy playing with a choir from Detroit walked in with what seemed to be a fender 5-string jazz and we prepared for the usually crankin' highs, absent mids and wobbly B-string. But when he cranked up the first tune we all knew something was different. This bass cut through the mix, and filled up the low end like no Fender I've ever played or heard ... and the B-STRING!!!!!!!! was unbelievable to say the least.

After he was through and the hand shakes and number exchanging had died down I commented him on his awsome Fender bass, to my suprise he said it was a Roger Sadowsky NYC. I had to have my own! Keep making great instruments and I wish you the best of fortune and many blessings.


Myron Foster

Still no doubt in my mind that my Metro is the finest bass I've ever owned ... simply amazing!


Gerry Nolan

Just wanted to let you know how much I've been enjoying my Metro bass. I played downtown with it last week and it attracted a lot of attention from musicians and non-musicians because of the way it sounds (and looks, of course)! When asked about the cost, people were surprised by how affordable it was. I think you'll sell a lot of these.

Thanks for a great axe,

Chuck Bernklau

I've been playing for years, but no one has ever complimented me on my sound. Our drummer from my second band saw me in my main band in action and loved the cut of the bass. Also, recently, at two different gigs, I had strangers who are musicians comment on the great sound I'm getting. One in particular loved the sustain from the notes I get, even at low volume. I took him on stage and showed how low the setting were. He was most impressed with the Sadowsky bass. More converts??

I am just a part time weekend muso, but each time I pick up this bass, I grin from ear to ear. Thanks from a very happy customer.

Andy Avenell

Just dropping you a line to let you know that this Metro kicks ass! I used it in NY on a gig through an amp as well as on the tour through in-ears. It plays and sounds great on both.

Thanks again.


Malcolm Gold

My package arrived at the 31th of October well. (I couldn't believe that arrived in only 5 days!!) But My American Friend's Military office is far from Seoul, So I received my bass 3 days before from now. That was so happy moment as much as I fall in love. (This 59'burst bass is one of most beautiful bass in the world, It was more beautiful than pictures.) This bass is really awesome, great and perfect.

I cannot explain about this bass by a few words. It has really perfect sound and great shapes more than I expected. And I love Vintage Tone Control very much.

In sight of designer, Your bass's head and body are perfectly great! Ken Smith, Fodera are good basses too, but I think your bass is much better to me. I'm very proud of playing with Sadowsky Bass! And I will always be your fan. I hope to order NYC bass next time and speak to you soon.

Thank you very very much!! Take care!

Joo Woo Hun

Received #M333 (MV4) today in Santa Monica. Sounds and plays great. Without having the benefit of comparing the Tokyo side-by-side, it sounds very similar, but of course with all kinds of headroom on the treble and bass controls.

I played Lotto using every permutation of the numbers 333 by multiplying, adding, etc. ... I didn't win.

Thanks again, Roger. I don't see too many of these out here and I will now be the envy of many a player.

Dennis Cottone

Got the bass on Friday (#M348) and I am very pleased with it. It's beautiful to play. Thank you very much. I'm sure I'm going to enjoy it very much.

Timothy Lalvani

I cannot believe how awesome My Sadowsky MS5 is! I swear!! I have never gotten such great tones, action, playability and sustain. You hit a note anywhere on the neck on any string and it is perfectly loud and clear. One other great thing about it is the shape of the fingerboard (not too flat & not too curved ... PERFECT). I can play notes across strings with no buzz which I never could do on other basses. In other words, I lay my fingers across 3 strings and alternately hit 3 different notes and then switch positions and hit 3 other notes. This creates some very high speed "triplets". I can move around the neck doing this with no Buzz or dead spots.

I have owned Fender Usa's, Ernie Ball Usa's, G&L Usa's, Ricks and many other's and none even come close. I really thought long & hard before spending $2,075.00 on a Bass from Japan. But, I knew after playing one at Guitar Villa in Bethlehem, Pa. that I needed to have one. The sustain on this baby is nearly infinite! The sustain seems equal on every note up & down the neck! I sold 2 beautiful Usa G&L's to pay for my new MS5 and I have not an ounce of regret. I have my first Gig with it this Saturday in Stroudsburg, PA at the Clarion Hotel. I am positive I will have my best show ever. I completely love the vintage '59 burst finish.

Gerry Nolan

Today, at the Atlanta Bass Gallery, I picked up a Metro Modern 5 on a whim. I'd read in Bass Player about your Japan shop and the Metro line, but wasn't interested because I'm still not a huge "jazz" guy, and hey, I'd tried your modern 5 before with no luck.

The one today had a Corsica Blue Mica and a rosewood board. I fell in love. I could not put it down. I have never heard a low B with such clarity and string-to-string consistency in volume on a 34" scale 5 string bass. Every nuance of this bass is superb: the fretwork, the weight and balance, the neck shape, and the most incredible tone from one end of the neck to the other on each string.

I bought it, and am the proud owner of M248. I will not get rid of it and I will not give it up. I have found MY bass.

Thank you for a wonderful instrument - I finally own a Sadowsky and I have finally found MY TONE!

Steve Maddern

The bass came in Friday, afternoon, and I picked it up and took off to play two shows with a new country artist, Amy Dalley (Curb Records). The bass was absolutely perfect, I was amazed, soundman loved the tone, stage tone was outstanding (I use a Avalon, Demeter, QSC, Accugroove rig). Thank you for the perfect setup, and that was the first time I ever played Sadowsky Strings ... loved them!

Anyway, thanks again, love the bass, hope to speak to you soon.

Mike Grosser

Somewhere on your internet site I noticed you read customer testimonials whenever you feel down or wonder what the heck you got in too; building basses and all that. Now I feel obliged to write you a note.

I picked up my Metro RV4 Olympic White (M164) 4 weeks ago at Paul Sips’ Bassmatters in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. My, this is a wonderful bass! It is all I ever dreamed about. It took some getting used to, pinpointing all my technical weaknesses. But to me that is a very good thing. In a few weeks it made me a better bass player and musician. Now I have this wonder at my fingertips. Whenever I play the bass at home, practising, it puts a smile on my face. When I go out, the smile is still there and puts smiles at other people’s faces. The bass (and my smile) have to same effect on other musicians. Those big growling notes just lifts the singer in my pop band.

The drummer remarked that he is able to hear every nuance of it and just lock in. It pushes the guitarist in my jazz band to solo’s I never heart him play before. So I call this bass the White Wizard (Gandalf for short). Paul ordered a Vintage Tone control from you (still waiting for that one) and I am sure this will make the bass even better and more versatile than it already is. This bass gets through in the mix (at less volume), right through heavy distortion guitar (that put a surprised look at the pop bands guitarist face).

Alice van den Boogaard


Roger emailed me your email address. I'm the very proud owner of the transparent white vintage 5 (M212) you fellows made at your shop there in Tokyo. I just gotta say it's a beautiful bass and you boys should be proud of the work you're doing over there. After seeing, playing and hearing this one, you can bet it won't be the last Sadowsky I own. I've been telling every bass newsgroup and chatroom that I'm EXTREMELY happy with my Metro and I have a feeling you and your team are going to be VERY busy once everyone finds out the awesome "bang-for-your buck" product you guys are crafting at your shop. Give yourself and all the guys at the shop a great big "THANK YOU!" from a very happy customer!

Kev Nichols

Just wanted to drop you a line and thank the Metro crew and yourself for an amazing bass. I purchased a ash/maple 5-string from John at Bass Emporium yesterday and am very impressed on how this instrument sits on a track. Great quality and value.

Michael Hynes

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my new Metro bass. I was in Corner Music here in Nashville a couple of weeks ago. I was there for some other business, but your bass caught my eye. Of course, I had play it! I already own a bass from you that I had bought from your website. It was an older used model. I have played other Sadowskys that have come through Corner Music. And, I have also visited your store and played your basses in your showroom. I think I have a good handle on what your basses should feel, play and sound like. Your new Metro basses get it done! Anyone that would think a Metro bass is not a "real" Sadowsky would be horribly mistaken. I know other builders have outsourced some of their work to the Asian countries. They're not the same. I've tried them. Most cut corners somewhere. Your Metro basses are top quality! Thanks for great bass!

David Murphy

Just brought a Sadowsky MV4 Bass #M129 from The Bass Gallery in England. I tried all exotic basses ... NO CONTEST. So, I just thought I would write to you and quite simply say ... THANK YOU!

You have made me like a dog with two tails!

Andy Avenell

Dear Roger, Nino, and the entire Sadowsky NYC and Tokyo crew,

I wanted to thank you for the Metro bass I received yesterday. I could not believe it arrived in one day - especially given my request for the VTC! That is fast service!

If I had any reservations about getting a Metro as opposed to an NYC, they were completely eliminated once I saw and played the bass. My compliments to the guys in Tokyo who built this - it's fantastic!

I also wanted to mention a couple things about why I bought a Sadowsky. There are a lot of great basses out there to choose from. I think things can get subjective after a certain point. There are some factors that are not subjective - quality, reliability, consistency, and service. I think it's pretty safe to say that Sadowsky is the benchmark for those factors. (It IS the benchmark in my opinion.) I've always been impressed by how well I've been treated when calling with questions or ordering strings or a T-shirt. It may seem like nothing, but believe me, it's big. It's also very nice to speak to the man whose name is on the bass. That feeling of accessibility is somehow comforting. I've known Nino from the various bass boards, and he's often taken the time to answer some Sadowsky questions over a weekend. (I was doing a set up once, and he graciously answered some pickup height questions for me.) I think he represents the company very well on these boards. I guess these bass boards have been another factor. I am always impressed by how you (Roger), handle some of the garbage that goes down on these boards. (I'm thinking of TalkBass in particular.)

Sometimes I've avoided TB for weeks because a Sadowsky thread has managed to completely turn me off! You have the patience of a saint! Not that I wasn't a Sadowsky fan before, but seeing how you handle yourself on these threads is an incredible education on how to effectively deal with people.

I think the Metro concept is fantastic. The price and quality are unmatched. I know there have been some good things coming out of Korea lately, but I think you have found a much better way to supply a less expensive bass. The Metros are top notch -- there's no justification to even make an analogy to a cheaper import version with these basses.

Again, thank you for the great bass and the phenomenal service. This bass will complement my Modern 5 very nicely.

Patrick McDonald