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True-Tone Bridge | Wound G

True-Tone Bridge | Wound G


Price: $50.00

In stock


Sadowsky Guitars introduces the True-Tone archtop saddle. Typical archtop saddles are either an intonation compromise or are intonated for a wound G string common on heavier strings. With the exception of metal Tunamatic style bridges, there are no wooden bridge saddles compensated for a plain G. Every new Sadowsky archtop comes with the True-Tone saddle set. Custom designed by Roger Sadowsky, the ebony saddles are compensated for plain and wound G strings.Tested over a six month period on many guitars prior to release, the intonation offsets offer superb intonation. The Sadowsky True-Tone saddles are available as a retro-fit for older Sadowsky guitars, as well as any archtop bridge with standard Tunamatic post spacing. Saddles can be custom fit for fingerboard radius, string spacing or height by your local guitar tech. Available individually ($50) or as a set ($90).

Available in Rosewood or Ebony.

2.9" (2-29/32") Post Spacing

2.09" (2-3/32") String Spacing (E-E)

12" Saddle Radius, 5/8" high at center


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