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cotton straps

Sadowsky 100% cotton Strap


Price: $30.00

In stock


I have always loved 100% cotton straps.  They are lightweight, easy to fit in a case, comfortable, and have just the right amount of resistance against your clothes on your shoulder.   

I had a supplier many years ago who made me a 3" wide cotton strap.  When he shut down, I was never able to find another supplier who could provide me with 3" wide material (without investing $10,000).  I am pleased to have sourced this out again and I am now able to make Sadowsky 100% cotton straps in 3" and 2" width.  Strong cotton ends have a 3/8" strap pin hole, making it "StrapLok®" friendly.

Your gonna love these new straps....I guarantee it!


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