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Guitar Hands


Price: $14.95



At the 2013 NAMM show, I picked up a few samples of Guitar Hands lotion.   They sat on my desk for a long time.  When I eventually got around to trying it, I was blown away by how great my hands felt for playing.   So before I ran to put it on my site, I ordered every similar product and compared them to Guitar Hands.   In my opinion, Guitar Hands was superior to every other product I tried.  


Developed by dermatologist Dr. Randy Jacobs, Guitar Hands is actually a cleaner.  You apply a dab to your hand and rub in in thoroughly to both hands.  Then you wipe it off with a clean towel (cloth or paper) and give you hands a couple of minutes for it to "set".   The end result are hands that feel absolutely perfect for playing your instrument.   No greasy feel, no slick silicone feel.......Your hands just feel great.

Your gonna love the way your hands feel......I guarantee it!


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