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Everyday Polish


In stock
A light non-abrasive, non-greasy polish for everyday removal of smudges and normal playing sweat and grime. Safe for satin and flat finishes. This is the... More

Bullet Guitar Jack Tightener

CODE: SKU000001

In stock
Nothing is more frustrating than having your output jack come loose.....unattended, the jack will rotate and the wires will break off from the jack.  ... More

Bridge wrench, 1.5mm


In stock
A 1.5mm allen wrench for Metro Bridges and NYC guitar bridges. Also works on older Sadowsky NYC basses with Gotoh bridges.

Bridge Wrench 1/16"

CODE: BW-1/16

In stock
A 1/16" allen wrench. For adjusting saddles on the Sadowsky NYC bass bridge. Also use for Sadowsky knobs.