While we do not offer "trade-ins", we are pleased to offer Sadowsky owners the opportunity to sell their pre-owned instruments on consignment.

Here’s how it works …

Send your instrument to Sadowsky Guitars fully insured with a note in the case that includes all of your contact information. We will authenticate and inspect the instrument and provide a full setup. The instrument will be photographed and placed on our “In Stock” page as a Pre-Owned Instrument. The instrument will be sold on seven-day approval … as would any new Sadowsky.

If we conclude that additional work is needed to enhance the sale of the instrument, we will consult with you and provide you with our point-of-view. Any such work we perform will be at the owner’s expense, and we will provide our usual, highly accurate estimates of those costs.

Sadowsky Guitars is only accepting instruments for consignment sale if the proceeds are being applied to a new order. Our commission is 20% of the agreed upon selling price.

We believe this service will be an excellent way for Sadowsky owners to make sure they get the maximum resale value from their instruments in the event that they want to sell them.

We also feel strongly that this service will ensure that our instruments, wherever they end up, are in top working condition and that they go to good homes!

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