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MetroLine Basses In Stock
The following instruments are available for immediate purchase!
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MetroLine basses ship with a Metro Gig-Bag

#M7283 | RVWL4 | Candy Apple Red

#M7369 | RV4 | Ice Blue Metallic

#M7372 | RV4 | Sherwood Green Metalic

#M7390 | RVWL4 | '59 Burst

#M7443 | Limited Edition UV60 | Black

#M7490 | RV4 | '59 Burst

#M7530 | RV4 | Black

#M7527 | MV4 | '59 Burst

#M7604 | RV4 | Olympic White

#M7744 | MV4WL | Olympic White

#M7208 | M524 | Olympic White

#M7596 | MV5 | T-White

#M7672 | M524 | Ice Blue Metallic

#M7796 | MV5-24 | Black

All MetroLine Basses ship with a Metro Gig-Bag.
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All stock instruments sold on 7-day approval.
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