Vintage Tone Control

Vintage Tone Control - Photo 1

Vintage Tone Control is standard on all Sadowsky Basses (NYC and Metro). The Vintage Tone Control is available as a retrofit kit for older Sadowsky NYC Basses (see photo below).

The Vintage Tone Control (formerly referred to as the "passive tone control") is a treble roll-off that makes the bass warmer and darker sounding. It functions in both active and passive modes. The treble and bass preamp controls are placed on a stacked pot with our new matching stacked knob.

This feature can be "de-selected" when placing orders for NYC basses.

KNOB LAYOUTS:   Basses without VTC | Basses with VTC

  VTC kits are available for purchase at our Online Store.

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Vintage Tone Control - Photo 2Vintage Tone Control - Photo 2Vintage Tone Control - Photo 2