Frequently Asked Questions About Metro Basses

Will the Metro basses be available left-handed or fretless?
The Metro's will not be offered left-handed or fretless. You will need to order a NYC model for these options.
Do the Metro Basses have single coil or humcancelling pickups?
All Metro Basses have Sadowsky humcancelling pickups, except the Will Lee Model, which has single coil standard. We can swap out our pickups prior to shipping for a nominal charge.
Is your arrangement with your dealers for fixed pricing? Will all dealers (and Sadowsky NYC) be selling at the same price, with no discounting?
Everyone will sell at the same price. No discounting.
Will Metro basses ordered direct from Sadowsky have the same 7-day trial period? What about basses ordered from other dealers?
Sadowsky Guitars offers a 7 day return policy. Each dealer will have their own policy in this regard.
Can I special order a Metro bass, or am I limited to the stock I find at a dealer? You can order any standard configuration as shown on our website. Deliveries take 4-5 months and require a $500 deposit.
Does Vintage Tone Control come standard on the Metro Basses? VTC is now standard on all Sadowsky Basses. It is also available as a retro-fit from all Metro dealers for $150.
If the quality is just as good as a NYC Sadowsky, why should I consider spending the extra dollars for a NYC model? If all you need is a basic ash or alder bass, you do not need to purchase a NYC instrument. The Metro Line was created to offer "basic" Sadowsky models at a more affordable price.

Any options, including maple tops, hardware other than chrome, premium woods, Ultra-Vintage models and custom configurations need to be ordered as an NYC instrument.

Can the Metro's be purchased directly through Sadowky, or only through dealers? The Metro Line can be purchased through the Metro Dealers or direct from Sadowsky.
How are they numbered? (ie: does the serial number prove that it's a "Metro" and not a "NYC?" The headstock of NYC Basses reads, "Sadowsky Guitars NYC". The headstock on Metro Basses will read "Sadowsky Guitars". Also, serial numbers for Metro instruments will contain the letter "M" as a prefix.
How does the weight compare to NYC models? I know the predecessor Sadowsky Tokyo basses generally weighed a bit more? You can expect the Metro basses to average about 1 to 1.5 pounds heavier than NYC basses. Typical weight of a Metro is between 9-10 lbs.
Is the Sadowsky Tokyo line completely being discontinued and replaced by the Metro Line? I liked the block inlays and binding on the Tokyo models—is that still available? The Tokyo Line has been discontinued and replaced by the Metro Line. We have released our "Ultra Vintage '70s Metro" with blocks and binding.