Josh Workman

Photograph by Judy Kopanic

"I can't get over how easily the Sadowsky Jim Hall Model became my main guitar overnight. No kidding, I was literally able to pull it out of the box and play a gig on it the same day. Everything about it just feels and sounds great, from the perfectly shaped neck and the pick guard placed at exactly the right height to the incredibly rich sound, both amplified or acoustically. I knew this was a keeper when a guy who didn't even play music came out of the audience to tell me how much better I sounded with my Sadowsky!"

Guitarist with Lynda Carter, Larry Vuckovich and Connie Evingson.

Josh Workman began playing guitar at age 10 and by age 13 he was out performing in San Francisco's infamous North Beach into the wee hours of the morning. After graduating from high school at the School of the Arts, he attended Berklee School of Music in Boston. A year later at age 19, Josh left to finish his studies at the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in New York City. His mentors there included Gene Bertoncini, Jim Hall and Vic Juris. He began transcribing the music of John Abercrombie for German publisher, Advance Music. This led to a 5-year stint as house transcriber for Warner Bros., Hal Leonard and other publishers. Also during this time, he recorded and performed with D'Vash, The Jazz Passengers (featuring Deborah Harry of Blondie) and Groove Collective.  

Soon after his return to the Bay Area in 1995, Josh joined the renowned jump-swing band, Indigo Swing. During this period he honed in on the guitar styles of T-Bone Walker, Charlie Christian, Django Reinhardt and Tiny Grimes. During the neo-swing craze of the late 1990s, Indigo Swing was regarded as one of the bands leading the pack, touring internationally and performing 200-300 dates per year. They hit the road with Brian Setzer and his orchestra in support of his double platinum release The Dirty Boogie in both the states and Europe. Indigo Swing headlined many festivals around the globe such as the Stuttgart Jazz Festival in Germany along side Rosemary Clooney and Lionel Hampton. The group also enjoyed some mainstream success, selling well over 100,000 CDs nationwide.  

In September of 2004, while touring as a member of the Hot Club of San Francisco, Josh's debut CD Jumpin' At The Border hit the shelves, furthering his growing reputation as a bandleader.  

Aside from leading his own group, Josh continues to be an in-demand sideman; he performs with actress/vocalist Lynda Carter, pianist Larry Vuckovich (which includes previous appearances at the Monterey and San Francisco Jazz Festivals), vocalist Kim Nalley and several others. In addition to his busy performance schedule, Josh writes for Guitar Player Magazine.