Jeffrey Wash

Jeffrey Wash

"I used to spend a lot of time and money buying basses, swapping out the pickups and hardware, endlessly tweaking the instruments to make them sound better.  In 1999 I flew to NYC, spent an afternoon playing basses in Roger Sadowsky’s shop and placed an order for one of my own.  6 months later I got my first Sadowsky Bass … suffice it to say, I spend a lot less time tweaking basses these days and a lot more time playing them.

There’s a kind of "solidity" to the sound of Sadowsky basses that I’ve come to rely on. The importance that Roger places on the acoustic quality of the wood is evident in the resonance and the deep, articulate fundamental of every note.  Wonderful tonal consistency from top to bottom – and speaking of bottom, I’ve really never heard a better B string.  (Actually, there was a bass I played once that came close—but that bass was twice as expensive and 3 times the weight of the Sadowsky!)

Like the instruments they build, Roger and his crew are exceptionally responsive and comfortable to work with.

To all at Sadowsky Guitars: THANK YOU!"

March 27, 2007