Don Was

"Sadowsky basses are the best! They sit perfect in the mix and sound great."


From Bassplayer Magazine:

When you record your own bass playing, what's your favorite rig?

I usually go with my Sadowsky [4-string] plugged in direct and an Ampeg B-15M amp; I was turned on to the Sadowsky by Hutch, who owns a 5-string. On the sessions we've done together, nine times out of ten we would end up using that 5- string. Darryl Jones (see below) also used a Sadowsky on the Stones record. While I was working with the Stones in Dublin, I played bass on a tune for Marianne Faithfull--Darryl had left, so I picked up his Sadowsky and recorded the track. When I heard the playback, I thought, "Man, that's not me--I've never sounded that good!" I don't believe that equipment makes the musician, but that bass showed off my playing in the most favorable light. So I bought one, and it's the coolest bass I've ever played.

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Darryl Jones:

Did you feel obligated to use a vintage bass?

That was my first inclination, and I did use a Fender for the audition to make that point. But at the same time, Roger Sadowsky's basses are built so much in the Fender style, and he uses the active electronics to enhance, rather than change, the sound--so those instruments function better in this style of music than you might expect. That became especially clear when we recorded. I used Fenders on certain songs, but there was something about the warm, fat, round tone of my Sadowsky. I'd say I played it on 45% of the album. In fact, [producer] Don Was--a fellow bassist--called Roger and said, "Send me a bass just like Darryl's." [Ed. Note: Was related this story in his interview in Sept/Oct '94.]

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