Allan Thomas
"In 1995 I asked Roger to build me one of his nylon string guitars. Turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made equipment-wise. That guitar has been my constant companion on countless solo gigs here in Hawaii and on the mainland ever since.

The tone is balanced, with clean mids, clear and present lows, and crystal highs ... the perfect compliment to my vocals.

The string spacing, width, and feel of the neck are perfect for the music I write and perform. With the addition of the John Pearse/Thomastik-Infeld Folk Series round wound strings, I can easily switch from one slack key tuning to the next, with minimal re-tuning. The all wound strings give the guitar a hybrid acoustic/electric/nylon string sound and also work well for flat-picking.

Knowing I can plug my Sadowsky into any mixer or PA, and be able to get a decent, if not great sound, alleviates the worry and mystery, and lets me concentrate on the groove. This alone makes it worth its weight in platinum!

Sadowsky and Co. build new world instruments with an old world attention to detail and quality. Kudos, and thanks for a great axe!"