Hiroaki was born in Shimonoseki, the largest city in the Yamaguchi prefecture. He began learning to play the guitar at the age of ten. Because of his congenital blindness, he had never seen the usual method of playing the instrument and thus developed his own unorthodox system of reaching over the top of the neck with the fretting hand, rather than from underneath. Such has been the evolution of his unique style and amazing technique, his playing has been described as transcendental.

In 2006, Hiroaki met Minoru Niihara, vocalist with the internationally successful Japanese heavy metal band ‘Loudness’ and was invited to play on his CD. Shortly thereafter he moved to Tokyo in 2008 which allowed him to collaborate with even more musicians.

In 2009, Hiroaki appeared in “SUMMER SONIC” and “LOUD PARK”, as well as launching his debut CD, ‘FLY AWAY’.

Hiroaki then released a CD titled ‘Otoko-nara – As long as you are a man’ consisting of ‘Yosakoi’ songs of Yamaguchi. The music was created by means of an inspired integration of traditional Japanese musical instruments into his chosen style of rock music. (A percentage of the profits have been donated to aid the recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake)

In May 2011, the ‘Tagawa Project’ was launched. Mr. Hiroyuki Ando, the president of ALWAYS Co. Ltd. who has looked after Hiroaki since 2006 when he first came to Tokyo, introduced Hiroaki to a producer, Mr. Yoshio Okushima, enabling the project to move forward with the support of the ‘Dandelion and Wind foundation. They donate all profits from the CD single ‘Dear Heart, Dandelion and Wind’ to those people in the most devastated areas. It was produced in the same month. Also in the same year, Hiroaki was appointed as a “Home Town Ambassador”, playing guitar in the National Athletics Meet in Yamaguchi.

Hiroaki’s career advances at an exponential rate as he continues his campaign for personal excellence.