Angeline Saris
Angeline Saris

"When I heard Gretchen's track "Scrapmetal," (see below) I knew immediately I would be using the Sadowsky. It delivered the low-end support I felt would best suit this track while also packing a punch that cut through in just the right way.

The Soul Wide World sessions couldn't be stylistically more different than Gretchen's CD, yet my Sadowsky 5 was the perfect fit again. Front pickup plus some bass boost and I felt right at home on this slinky tune.

Versatility. Clarity. Focus. Warmth. What more could I want? The sound of this bass turns heads. Thank you, Roger!"


Band: Grechen Menn Project
Album: Hale Souls
Track Title:  Scrapmetal

Band: Soul Wide World
Album: Soul Wide World (self-titled)
Track Title:  I Can't Wait