Derrick Murdock
Derrick Murdock

"For me, my Metro is an "all-in-one package!"

As the bassist for The Jay Leno Show, I had to find a bass that would be great in all musical situations.

Sadowsky fills those shoes in every way, shape and form ... PERIOD!"

The Jay Leno Show


Derrick Lee Murdock (aka Dock) A Native of Philadelphia began playing the bass at the age of seventeen. While most musicians consider this a late start, Derrick was able to overcome this by intensive practice and study of his favorite bassist. Among his early influences were Bootsy Collins, Kool, Larry Graham, Geedy Lee, James Jamerson, Stanley Clark, Jaco Pastorius, Niles Henning, Orsted Pederson, Ron Carter, Eddie Gomez, Rufus Reed, Dave Holland ... to name a few.

Derrick performed at clubs in and around the Philadelphia area while developing his talent. In 1994 Derrick relocated to Los Angeles to tour and perform with Sheena Easton before performing and touring the world with a host of talented performers including The Jay Leno Show, The Tonight Show, Kevin Eubanks Band, The Jazz Crusaders, Tom Scott, Jeff Lorber, Gladys Knight, Bill Cosby, Cedric the Entertainer, Michael Bolton, Adam Sandler, Aaron Nevill, Patty Austin, Dr Dre, Will Smith, Denise Williams, Rose Royce, The Dazz Band, Mandrill, Cherrelle, David Benoit, Eric Merienthal, Hugh Masekela, Angela Bofill, Bobby Lyle, Miles Jaye, John Lucien, 5th Dimension, Andre Crouch, Della Reese, Fran Dresher (The Nanny) and Saban Entertaiment Soundtrack to The Power Rangers.