Wolf Marshall

This track was recorded in the Fall of 2007 with the Sadowsky directly into a computer (PC). The tone was straight and unprocessed: a basic clean sound via Line 6 Guitar Port into PC. I think it reveals how good the inherent tone of the guitar is, without the benefit of exotic amps and mikes, and studio grease. The excerpt has an unaccompanied chord intro and a single-note/octave rendering of the head and solo.
GIANT STEPS | Listen Now
This is a solo which will be released on my upcoming book-CD for Hal Leonard called Giant Steps for Guitar. It was recorded Winter 2007 on a Mac. This time I played the Sadowsky straight into the computer again. This time into an iMac with the standard Garage Band recording program. This is not a pricey program like Cubase SX or Pro Tools, it comes stock on the iMac. That makes the track an even better representation of how the guitar sounds with garden-variety gear.

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"Who says you can’t improve on the classic archtop guitar? Roger’s designs have taken the idea to new heights. My Sadowsky is a Strad-quality instrument that can cover a player’s needs in a wide variety of musical situations but simply excels in the jazz vein. This guitar has a beautiful and clear voice and surprising resonance and punch for a small-bodied instrument. And it is one of the most comfortable guitars I have ever played. You’ll be hearing this guitar on a lot of future gigs and CDs.

I was so impressed when I first played the Sadowsky Jimmy Bruno that I had to have one. Nowadays I hate to leave the room without mine—and I often don’t.

It has become my go-to jazz guitar and my travel archtop.

Roger—thanks for sharing your artistry with a world jaded by mediocrity!"

Guitarist, Musicologist and Author