Tom Hamilton
Tom Hamilton

"With the Sadowsky basses I can do a slide from the 12th fret on the G-string all the way down, and when I go to the tape it's all there, instead of just the first seven notes. That's been my dream for the studio ... to have gear that would send everything I'm doing to the tape and have it register."

Guitar Shop Magazine, July 1997

From: Bassplayer, April 2006:

What instruments do you have with you on the road right now?

Right now I’m using my Sadowskys, especially this really nice red one Roger [Sadowsky] made me. It’s like an old T-Style Bass, but it’s got a carbon-fiber pickguard instead of the black Bakelite. And I’m using my Sadowsky 5-string, which is one of the most incredible-sounding basses ever. The thing sounds like a dinosaur eating cars!