Michael Gerry
"I have been using Sadowsky basses for almost 10 years now. I consider a musical instrument to be the tool of our trade. I need to use the best "tool" and found that the Sadowsky bass is just that. The workmanship on it is impeccable and exact. The feel is just right and the sound is useable on all styles of music.

The Sadowsky is more than just a pretty face. I own a lot of bass guitars in my collection ... the Sadowsky is the one I use and depend on for my living."


More About Michael Gerry ...

Michael Gerry is a product of various influences. Being born and raised in Chicago, he played in rock, blues and show bands before attending Indiana University. After graduating with a Master’s degree, he moved back to Chicago and started working in various theater orchestras.

With great reading skills and a background of many playing styles, he became a first-call player in no time. He also became a popular choice in the recording industry and has recorded more than 3,000 commercials, movie scores and record dates.

He started traveling with many top entertainers (concert dates) and shows in 1987 and has been on the road continuously since then. He toured with the Broadway show "CATS" for seven years and is now touring with the Broadway show "Les Miserables".