Matt Garrison
FROM: Bass Guitar Magazine (UK) | Issue 18, 2005

What other basses do you play?

I have an old Sadowsky, which I bought when I first came to New York, when I was still living in Rome. I was basically looking for a bass when I was 15 or 16, and I happened to run into a friend of my sister who was a vocalist by the name of Mark Stevens. He played in a group called The Jamaica Boys and Marcus Miller was the bass player for The Jamaica Boys, so Marcus gave him a bass and he sold me that bass for $200!

So I took this instrument to Roger Sadowsky at one point to get it tuned up a bit, and Roger looked at it and exclaimed, "Where did you get this?" and I thought "Uh, Oh!" But he said, "No, no it's okay ... people buy and sell their gear, but this is the first prototype I built for Marcus Miller, for us to start a proper relationship, with all the electronics in there."

And it's a really interesting instrument, because the classic sound of Marcus is not even a Sadowsky preamp! It's something called Star's Guitar, that's the preamp that's in there, nothing to do with Sadowsky. But on a funny note, the singer Mark Stevens, his sister's name is Yvette Stevens, you know who that is? It's Chaka Khan! It was really interesting, but I knew nothing about all of this stuff, I just bought a $200 bass! I got that bass for peanuts, and some Japanese folks have already approached me about buying it for $10,000.