Señor Flavio

"...I am a left-handed bass player. For a long time, I looked for a '60s or '70s Fender Jazz Bass, but was never able to find one. I then decided to contact Roger Sadowsky, who fortunately, had a Sadowsky 5-string Bass in stock.

Once I got the Bass, I fell in love with it instantly. Why did I fall in love? Basically because of the wood, its weight, its exquisite craftsmanship and its versatility in sounding great playing different styles; salsa, rock, tango, etc.

I was able to finally find left handed '60s Fender Jazz Bass', but the truth is I don't feel I need one anymore, I've even asked Roger for another Sadowsky 4-string J Bass."

Viva Sadowsky!


"... Soy un bajista zurdo. Busque durante mucho tiempo algun Fender Jazz Bass '60s o '70s pero no tuve exito. Decidi entonces contactarme con Roger Sadowsky. Afortunadamente tenia en stock un Sadowsky 5-strings Bass.

Una vez que adquiri el instrumento, me enamore al instante. ¿Y por que me enamore? Basicamente por la madera, su peso, su fino y exquisito concepto de lo artesanal, y la versatilidad para tocar y sonar bien en diferentes estilos: salsa, rock, tango, etc... etc.

Hoy en dia aparecieron Fender's Leftys Jazz Bass del 60, pero siento que ya no los necesito, y le encargue a Roger otro Sadowsky 4-strings J..."

¡¡Viva Sadowsky!!

Los Cadillacs Roar Back, and Pick Up New Fans

It’s almost as if they hadn’t been away. Ten years after the release of their last recording of new material, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, perhaps the most innovative Spanish-language rock group of the 1990s, are back: on the road, playing in stadiums; on MTV again; and with a new CD.