Frank Fabsits
Photograph by John Goodner
"My Sadowsky P/J 5 is simply the most incredible bass I have ever played!

Originally ordered as a back-up to my primary bass, the P/J 5 took the first chair within my first five minutes of playing it. I knew at that moment that I had discovered what I had been missing.

Whether rehearsing in the studio or live onstage, my Sadowsky delivers a superior tonal range unmatched by all other basses I have known.

When playing back recordings of live or studio performances, I am always satisfied and never disappointed.

To me, a Sadowsky bass is a Godsend for the working, touring and recording musician because of its unique ability to deliver the purest, deepest bass tones possible.

The Sadowsky P/J 5—the only bass you will ever need—or want !!!

Bassist for The Shawna Lynn Band

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