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April 22, 2013


Sadowsky Guitars is pleased to offer the new Sadowsky Onboard Bass Preamp.

Completely prewired control assembly offering the same controls and preamp as all Sadowsky Basses.

Volume / Pan / VTC / Treble and Bass Boost
VTC = Vintage Tone Control (pull up bypasses preamp)

$269.00 available in our Online Store

New Material For Block Inlays

Our new block inlay material is a synthetic pearl material We switched to the "white pearl" material as an alternative to Mother of Pearl in order to avoid import and export restrictions due to the Lacey Act revision of 2008. We like the material so much, we are now using the "black pearl" material for our black blocks as well.

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We are very pleased to introduce our new string retainer for our 5-string basses!

We asked our friends at Hipshot to custom make us a version of their quick-release string retainer and all Sadowsky 5-string basses will feature the new retainer from now on. Unfortunately, the new retainer will not retrofit on basses that have our previous retainer bar.

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New Refinements To Our 24-Fret Models!

We are pleased to now offer our 4 and 5 string 24-fret models in Vintage Style.
Available with J/J or P/J pickups (click on photos to see larger):


We have also switched to a narrower shell on our Modern 24-fret soapbar models.
Same great tone, sleeker look!


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October 2010
Sadowsky Vintiquity Finish Now Available


$500 upcharge

The SS-15 is the newest member of the Sadowsky Archtop family.

The all acoustic brother of the Semi-Hollow, the SS-15 features the same body as the Semi, but is all acoustic with traditional jazz guitar appointments and styling. The thin body provides a more immediate acoustic response than its bigger siblings, and has no sonic peer when amplified. The 1 3/4" nut width and 14 frets to the body give the SS-15 a familiar comfort to any jazz guitarist. For the touring guitarist, the SS-15 is a perfect size for overhead airline bins and is more roadworthy than solid wood instruments.

Sadowsky Guitars is pleased to announce the LS-17.

Designed for lovers of the classic "EL FIVE", the LS-17's appeal lies in its 17" wide body and 25 1/2" scale length giving the player a big, warm sound. The thinner 2 3/4" body makes the guitar much more comfortable to play and the 5-ply maple laminate construction helps reduce feedback. Designed for the working musician, the LS-17 is a roadworthy instrument, optimized for amplified playing and priced affordably when compared to its carved siblings.

The Sadowsky LS-17. A jazz standard … redefined.

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August 2010
Sadowsky Guitars Introduces the True-Tone Archtop Saddle

Typical archtop saddles are either an intonation compromise or are intonated for a wound G string common on heavier strings. With the exception of metal Tune-O-Matic style bridges, there are no wooden bridge saddles compensated for a plain G.

Every new Sadowsky archtop comes with the True-Tone saddle set. Custom designed by Roger Sadowsky, the ebony saddles are compensated for plain and wound G strings. Tested over a six month period on many guitars prior to release, the intonation offsets offer superb intonation.

The Sadowsky True-Tone saddles are available as a retro-fit for older Sadowsky guitars, as well as any archtop bridge with standard Tune-O-Matic post spacing.

Saddles can be custom fit for fingerboard radius and height by your local guitar tech.

SPECS:  Post spacing:  2.9" (2 29/32")   •   String spacing (E-E):  2.09" (2 3/32")   •   Saddle radius:  12"

Available individually ($50) or as a set ($90).

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July 2010
Roasted Maple Necks

Sadowsky Guitars has always taken pride in the quality and stability of our neck wood. We are now pleased to offer "roasted maple" necks for an unprecedented level of stability. Lumber for maple necks and fingerboards is placed in a special oven after normal kiln dying. The wood is roasted at temperatures ranging from 180º to 220º Celsius. The result of this treatment is wood that is significantly more resistant to absorbing or releasing moisture. With this increased stability, the "roasted maple" process enables us to offer figured maple neck blanks for the first time in our three decades of instrument making. We have always advocated that figured neck stock was too unstable to use. However, any piece of wood than has a stability problem will warp during the roasting process and be discarded.  It would also be a recommended option for players who reside in areas of extreme humidity (low or high), or who travel a lot through variable climates, as well as players who desire a figured maple neck for aesthetic reasons.

NOTE: The roasting process is performed on lumber. It cannot be applied retroactively to finished necks. Any revisions to existing instruments already on order will delay build time by approximately five months.

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  • Roasted Maple Neck … $200
  • Birdseye Roasted Maple Neck … $500 
  • Roasted Maple Fingerboard … $100
  • Birdseye Roasted Maple Fingerboard … $250

A Visit From Bass Player Magazine

August 2009
Jonathan Herrera (R), editor of Bass Player Magazine visits Sadowsky Guitars, along with contributing writer, Chris Jisi.

Neck Plates No More

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April 2009
We have eliminated the neck plate on all of our instruments. We have increased the edge radius around the heel of the body and contoured the treble cutaway for a more comfortable feel in the upper register.

Bigsby B7 Available On Semi-Hollow Model

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April 2009
We are now offering the option of a Bigsby B7 tailpiece on our Semi-Hollow Model. The Semi-Hollow with Bigsby is priced at $3895.

Alloy 52 Guitar Strings

April 2009
We have had a tremendous response to our Alloy 52 guitar strings! Made from an industrial wire used in chemical, nuclear and aerospace industries, Alloy 52 strings provide superior tone and magnetic responsiveness from the high 52% iron content. The 48% nickel content provides long life and durability.

Julian Lage has reported to us they last three times longer than any string he has previously used (he loves the tone and feel too!)



Metro P/J 5-String

NYC Vintage 24-Fret 5-String

Alloy 52 Guitar Strings