The Sadowsky Guitar


THE SADOWSKY GUITAR is the result of our years of experience working with the finest professional guitarists and bassists in New York and around the world. It is our opinion that the most important factor affecting the sound of solid body instruments is the acoustic quality of the wood. The better a guitar sounds acoustically, the better it always sounds, no matter what pickups, electronics, or amplification are used. The wood for Sadowsky instruments is carefully selected for acoustic resonance, light weight, and beautiful grain. Our guitars and basses are made from select alder, southern swamp ash, and figured maple tops laminated to swamp ash or alder.

We follow our wood selection with thin, durable finishes and construct our instruments using the highest quality components available. Most of our pickups are custom Sadowsky designs, as are our active onboard circuits. We are continuously developing new or improved components for the instruments and appreciate the contributions of our distinguished endorsers to our research and development program. The result is a professional instrument that transcends what is available in music stores.

The Sadowsky Guitar is available in an undersized S-style, full-size Vintage S-Style or T-Style-shaped body. Pickup configurations include three singles, single/single/humbucker and humbucker/single/humbucker. State-of-the-art humcancelling technology and electrostatic shielding methods are used in all guitars. All of our pickups are custom made to our specifications. All Sadowsky guitars are now equipped with our new preamp which offers both midrange boost and gain boost. The preamp can be fully bypassed for passive operation.

The preamp consists of the middle control and mini toggle switch. With the switch closest to the neck, the preamp is totally bypassed for passive operation. In the center position, the knob is activated and becomes a midrange boost control with "0" flat and "10" full boost. The frequency center is 400hz and it makes the guitar thicker and fatter sounding. The third setting of the switch is a gain boost. This is an across the board gain boost which is in addition to wherever the midrange control is set. A trim pot allows you to adjust the additional gain from 0-25db. We set it at fairly low gain just to enable the guitarist to "cut through" when taking a solo. You will be amazed at how much better the guitar will drive any of your effects with the preamp engaged.

Our 22-fret necks are shaped for comfort and playability. The 12" radius allows for improved string bending without "choking", especially in the upper register. Jumbo frets are used to facilitate string bending as well. Fingerboards are available in morado (Bolivian rosewood) or maple. Morado is an exceptional wood that combines the desirable features of both ebony and rosewood in one material.

Our standard tremolo system consists of a very sophisticated yet simply designed vintage-style bridge combined with custom made Sperzel Trim-Lock tuning gears and a teflon self-lubricating nut. This is the ideal system for the working guitarist who takes one guitar to a gig and can't be bothered with locknuts and wrenches for changing strings on a gig.

Features and Models

Vintage S-Style with Pickguards:  Alder or swamp ash bodies, 3 single coil-sized pickups ... Sadowsky single coil or humcancelling ... vintage-style bridge, opaque and transparent finishes. Ultra-Vintage S-Style uses a full-size body, Callaham steel tremolo block and single coil pickups.

Bent Maple Top/Alder S-Style Bodies without Pickguards:  Sadowsky S/S/H or H/S/H pickup configuration, vintage bridge or Sadowsky, various sunbursts and transparent finishes.

Vintage T-Style:  Swamp ash body, Sadowsky single coil or Joe Barden T-Style pickups, natural or transparent white finish, vintage-style gears, bridge, control plate and pickguard.

The Sadowsky Electric Nylon String Guitar is a solid body instrument designed to be played with nylon strings. Designed for the electric and acoustic guitarist, the neck is thin and comfortable, with just enough extra width to accommodate the nylon strings. An acoustic style bridge graces the beautiful maple top. The transducer pickup located beneath the bridge saddle is powered by a custom Sadowsky preamp. The instrument lends itself to both pick and fingerstyle techniques and produces exceptional tone either direct into a board or through a variety of amps and PA systems. It is feedback-free and is suitable for small clubs or large stadium concerts. The Electric Nylon is currently being used by Earl Klugh, Pat Metheny, Lee Ritenour, Gilberto Gil, John Abercrombie, John Scofield, Mike Stern, Mick Goodrick, and Keith Richards.

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