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1  Sadowsky Guitars / Sadowsky Guitars / Sadowsky Newbie...questions...guidance... on: June 29, 2011, 02:15:59 PM
Hey there fellows,

I'm new to the forum and to the world of Sadowsky. I have my first one on the way. A JB in classic burst.
Have not tried nor played a Sadowsky before, but looking forward to it. Heard nothing but good things.

As I don't actually have the JB yet I may be a bit premature in posting here, but thought it couldn't hurt to ask questions. I had been looking for a 'classic' archtop type guitar for some time. Tried L-5's, 175's, Guilds etc. Had no idea the archtop world was so large. There seem to be countless makers out there, from Sadowsky to Trenier to Gibson to Holst to Ribbecke to Benedetto etc . Have to say, from the numerous glowing reviews and from all the sound samples I've heard, all of which I've liked, not to mention reasonable relative cost, I chose to go Sadowsky for my first real foray into this complex world. I realize now, after much reading, that there are a lot of reasons for choosing one size/style over another. But as I can't afford to buy 10 different guitars atm, I wanted something pretty much worry free and versatile. I thought of the semi, but went instead for the JB and I'm sure I'll love it.

The question for you all (or if it's been asked and answered 100 times before feel free to point me in the right direction for some reading of archives) is: for what I'm looking for, am I in the right neighborhood? I know you're all fans of these fine guitars so I'm asking an opinion about a product you all already endorse. But in the interest of furthering my education, would enjoy reading anything you have to include on the topic. For example I know many of you have had multiple archtops over the years and came to the Sadowskys after much experimenting with other makers. From solid tops to lams to double tops and everything in between. So I appreciate your candid thoughts on how these guys are better than the other choices. Looking forward to your thoughts. Perhaps, like you, I'll become a multiple Sadowsky owner. Thanks so much in advance...


PS. fyi I'm a working professional in LA. Owned a vintage Gibby 175 years ago, but got away from getting further into the archtop arena. Not much call for it at the time so I sold it, yeah wish I hadn't but couldn't use it live. Too many feedback issues. As solid bodies ruled the studios and I have quite a few of those already (various). Also have a few Bakers and a Heritage 535. Multiple amps etc. So that's about the gear list. Fairly typical.  
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